Chandrayaan 3 Live Streaming Link ISRO | Live Telecast Soft-Landing Watch Online

The day the world world was eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, Chandrayaan 3 finally all set to do Soft-Landing on Moon Today at 5:44 PM and Chandrayaan 3 Live Streaming or Live Telecast of Soft-Landing of Vikram Lander to be shown on ISRO Official Channel at 5:20 PM Indian Standard Time. Here is how you can watch Chandrayaan 3 Mission Live on your Mobile Screen, TV or Laptop direct from official Sources.

chandrayaan 3 live streaming isro

India’s biggest project of Lunar Exploration mission in a South Pole of Moon launched by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on 22nd July 2023. The Whole mission is comprised of Orbiter, Lander and Rover. Orbiter studies Moon’s Surface and Atmosphere. The Lander attempt a Soft Landing on Moon’s South Pole. The Rover will then Roll off the Lander and Explore the Surrounding Areas of Moon. Also, Lander and Rover will stay connected and send Information to Earth.

Chandrayaan 3 Live Streaming Link ISRO

Even the Soft Landing of Chandrayaan 3 is quite difficult because Lander has to face Gravitational Force of Moon. But, as ISRO launched this mission after lots of learning from Chandrayaan 2. They have multiple backup plans even in case of Trouble with Lander or Rover. So, this time Chandrayaan 3 is more confident mission.

If, Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing become successful, India will be the 4th Country to Land spacecraft on Moon after USA, Russia and China. Interestingly, India is the First Country to Land on Moon’s South Pole which is not explored by any other country. Its expected that South Pole is Ice or Water Rich and which in turn will help scientists to get Oxygen out of it and also would be helpful to conduct New mission from Moon itself. Not, only water you will get more data about Proportion of Gold, Silver, Platinum and more costly metal on Moon’s South Pole. So, Stay Tuned to this Chandrayaan 3 Live Streaming Link by ISRO YouTube Channel.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission:
All set to initiate the Automatic Landing Sequence (ALS).
Awaiting the arrival of Lander Module (LM) at the designated point, around 17:44 Hrs. IST.
Upon receiving the ALS command, the LM activates the throttleable engines for powered descent.
The mission operations team will keep confirming the sequential execution of commands.
The live telecast of operations at MOX begins at 17:20 Hrs. IST

Where to Watch Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing Live Streming?
You can visit official ISRO website or Youtube Channel for Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing Live Streaming Telecast.

At What Time Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing to begin?
Chandrayaan 3 Vikram Lander Soft Landing to start at 5:44 PM on 23 August 2023 and Live Streaming begins at 5:20 PM

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