12 Fruits for New Year 2024 in the Philippines, Here’s the List!

New Year’s Eve is driven by various cultural beliefs and traditions that associate specific fruits with different kinds of good fortune. So People loves to Eat Lucky Fruits based on their Regional Beliefs. Here we brings to you 12 Lucky Fruits for New Year 2024.

12 lucky fruits new year 2024 philippines

Many cultures consider round fruits to symbolize coins or wealth, and having 12 of them represents abundance and prosperity throughout the year, one fruit for each month. Specific colors of certain fruits also hold symbolic meanings. For example, oranges and mandarins are associated with gold and represent financial success, while red fruits like apples and pomegranates symbolize happiness, good health, and vitality. Traditions in certain cultures attribute specific meanings and luck-bringing properties to certain fruits.

In the Philippines, celebrating New Year with 12 lucky fruits is a vibrant tradition steeped in folklore and symbolism. Here are some popular choices for your 2024 fruit spread:

Roundness reigns:

  1. Pomelo: This king of citrus symbolizes abundance and overflowing prosperity.
  2. Santol: Its golden globes attract good luck and fortune.
  3. Chico: Believed to promote unity and harmony, perfect for family gatherings.
  4. Melon: Round and juicy, melons represent abundance and prosperity.
  5. Lanzones: Clusters of these sweet fruits attract wealth and success.

Colors for specific wishes:

  1. Atis: Rich purple skin and creamy flesh symbolize passionate love and strong relationships.
  2. Rambutan: The red hairs around its white flesh evoke good health and longevity.
  3. Guava: Green skin and pink flesh represent fertility and offspring.
  4. Starfruit: Its star-shaped slices symbolize knowledge and wisdom.

Classics always welcome:

  1. Pineapple: Hidden or displayed, it brings good luck and fortune.
  2. Mango: Golden sweetness represents good health and vitality.
  3. Banana: Happiness and good health all bundled in one peel.

Local treasures:

  1. Mangosteen: The “Queen of Fruits” symbolizes royalty and success.
  2. Durian: Its spiky exterior hides a creamy fruit believed to attract wealth and success.
  3. Tamarind: Sweet and sour, it represents balance and optimism.

In some cultures, displaying or consuming these fruits is seen as an offering to deities or ancestors, bringing blessings and favor for the coming year. Sharing these fruits with family and friends can represent unity, harmony, and strengthening bonds, promoting auspiciousness for the community. The act of selecting and presenting these fruits becomes a ritualistic display of hope and optimism for the coming year, attracting desired outcomes and good fortune.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and the best 12 fruits for you depend on your preferences and beliefs. Get creative, incorporate local fruits, and most importantly, have fun celebrating with family and friends!

So Lucky Fruits for Each Region Connects people with cultural traditions and beliefs. Symbolically attract good luck, prosperity, and well-being for the year ahead. Its belief that Eating those Specific regional fruits Strengthen bonds and share joy with loved ones.

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