Turning of the Tide Novel (Natalie and Trevon) by Diana Sander


“Turning of the Tide” Novel by Diana Sander is a romance novel that explores the complicated relationship between Natalie and Trevor, who get married out of obligation rather than love. Natalie and Trevor enter a marriage of convenience to fulfill the wishes of Natalie’s grandfather and Trevor’s family friend. Both harbor suspicions about the other’s … Read more

Cheating With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend Novel (Olivia and Aaron)


Cheat with my boyfriend’s best friend Novel is written by Author Jane E.L. After my boyfriend Vincent cheated on me, I slept with his best friend Aaron. As a famous tomcat and charming CEO, Aaron made revenge more alluring than I thought. Everytime Vincent slept with that bch, I did the same with Aaron. We … Read more

I am the Luna by Moonlight Muse Novel, Where to Read?


The story revolves around Zaia Toussaint, the Luna of a powerful werewolf pack, who faces unexpected betrayal when her husband, Sebastian King, the alpha, divorces her for his ex-girlfriend. Devastated and ostracized, Zaia leaves the pack with a secret she desperately wants to keep hidden – her pregnancy with Sebastian’s children. Rejected for another, Zaia … Read more