A Luna’s Flame Novel (Calista and Nyx) Where to Read?

Calista’s tormented past and Nyx’s vengeance. Escaping from their dark past, Nyx and her best friend, Nox, became Rogues in search of answers and freedom. Violence and years of trauma hardened them, while secrets and promises bonded them. Here is Where you can read complete novel on official website.

a luna's flame novel

The sounds of my thumping heart and my stumbling footsteps were the only noises distinguishable against the roaring fire behind me. Tears streaked my face as I cradled my arm, covered in fresh burn marks. I coughed raggedly as my smoke-tinted lungs cried for air.

My wolf whimpered in the recesses of my mind. Her newfound strength was stunted by the wolfsbane ejected into my veins. I ran into my pack’s shadows, avoiding anyone I could as I sought my only help. He has to help her. My visions began to blur as the distant fire danced higher in the sky. I pressed my cracked lips together and blew a sharp, distinct whistle. My legs crumbled beneath me, and I fell to the ground hard, knocking my head against a flat rock. I whistled a few more times as I began to crawl, chipping my brittle, bloody nails.

A unique whistle came from my right as I struggled on the ground, my clothes soaking further in fresh, crimson blood.

“Cal,” someone called out nearby, but my senses were too clouded to discern the distance.

I weakly whistled in response as I crawled toward the sound.

“Calista, wher—oh my goddess,” he shouted as he ran towards me.

He gingerly rolled me over and cupped my face.

“What happened?” he asked urgently as his amber eyes looked over my wounds.

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