Abhishek Kumar Dalhor: The Most Expensive Player (Rs 27 Lakh) in ISPL T10

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor, an all-rounder from East Zone, became richer by Rs 27 lakh, the highest amount for a player, during the six-team Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) auction here on Sunday.

abhishek kumar dalhor ispl t10

Indian Street Premier League T10, is a new tennis ball cricket tournament in India. It aims to discover and develop talented cricketers from the grassroots level. ISPL provides the platform for young cricketers to showcase their skills and pursue their cricketing dreams. Abhishek Kumar Dalhor is the Most Expensive Player of ISPL T10 Match 2024.

Yes, Abhishek Kumar Dalhor has been baught for Rs 27 Lakh Price. He is an All Rounder from East Zone who became richer among the six teams of Indian Street Premiere Leauge. Abhishek Kumar Dalhor is from Team Majhi Mumbai.

After Abhishek Kumar Dalho, Sumeet Dhekale and Saroj Paramanik are the most expensive players who bought at the price of 19 Lakhs from Team Chennai Singham and Bangalore Strikers. Have a Look at the Most Expensive Players List in ISPL T10 Match.

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor – Majhi Mumbai – 27 lakh – All-rounder
Sumeet Dhekale – Chennai Singams – 19 lakh – Bowler
Saroj parmanik – Bangalore – Strikers – 19 lakh – All-rounder
Ketan Mhatre – Chennai Singams – 16.5 lakh – Batsmen
Jagat Sarkar – Falcon Risers – 14 lakh – Btasman
Vijay Pawle – Majhi Mumbai – 13.5 lakh – All-rounder
Krishna Satpute – Falcon Risers – 11.5 Lakh – All-rounder
Bhavesh Pawar – Tigers Of Kolkata – 11.5 lakh – All-rounder
Prathamesh Thakare – Falcon Risers – 11 lakh – All-rounder
Fardeen Kazi – Tigers Of Kolkata – 11 lakh – Batsmen

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