Adam’s Sweet Agony Eng Sub, Where to Watch?

Adam’s Sweet Agony is a Japanese Anime Series. In a world where a pandemic has rendered most men impotent, Itsuki, a high school student, remains unaffected. To keep his “secret” safe, he transfers to a special school with a nearly all-female population. There, he navigates romance, friendship, and the weight of his unique position. Adam’s Sweet Agony Episodes are available to Stream Online on official platform, here is where you can watch online.

Adam's Sweet Agony Episode 1

This is the story of a boy, who became the lone Adam among four billion Eves. In a world where a pandemic has rendered all men impotent, high school student Itsuki is the exception who escaped it. In order to protect this secret, he transfers to a very special high school, which turns out to be composed of 90% girls!

There, he encounters an upbeat and friendly senior, a sexually frustrated female teacher, a tomboyish school ‘prince,’ and an heiress from a wealthy family. For Itsuki, who has his pick of any woman in the world, the question remains: which one will he choose?

So, this Japanese Anime Series Adams Sweet Agony Episode 1 started streaming on Coolmic Platform. Here is the Video Link to Episode 1 Started Streaming from 12th January 2024.

Adams Sweet Agony Anime Series –

Title: Adam’s Sweet Agony
Original title: Modaete yo, Adam-kun
TV Mini Series: 2024
Stars: Kaho Shibuya, Shizuka Itou, Hana Kuga
Publisher: Coolmic

Episode 1 Release Date : December 26, 2023
Episode 2 Release Date : January 14, 2024
Episode 3 Release Date: January 21, 2024

You can watch Adam’s Sweet Agony Full Episodes online on Coolmic Platform link mentioned above. All Episodes are Streaming on the Platform official website and App for android and ios.

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