Aditya L1 Launch Registration Link, Tickets 2023, Launch Date, Time, Mission Objective, Budget

After Successful Chandrayaan-3 Mission, ISRO all set to Launch Another Bigger and Most Ambitious Project which is Solar Mission called ‘Aditya L1’. In this Mission ISRO will Study the Sun from Distance of 1.5 Million Km from Earth. Aditya L1 is First Space based Indian Mission to Study the Sun. Here is everything you wants to know about Aditya L1 Launch Registration Link, Tickets 2023, Launch Date, Time, Mission Objectives and Budget.

In Aditya L1 Mission Spacecraft shall be placed into a halo orbit around the Lagrange point 1 (L1) of the Sun-Earth system, which is about 1.5 million km from the Earth. It’s mission of continuously viewing the Sun without any Occultation/eclipses. It will Examine Solar activities and its effect on Space weather in real time.

Aditya L1 Objectives:

As revealed by ISRO Official Following are the Objectives of Sun Mission Aditya L1:

  1. Study of Solar upper atmospheric (chromosphere and corona) dynamics.
  2. Study of chromospheric and coronal heating, physics of the partially ionized plasma, initiation of the coronal mass ejections, and flares
  3. Observe the in-situ particle and plasma environment providing data for the study of particle dynamics from the Sun.
  4. Physics of solar corona and its heating mechanism.
  5. Diagnostics of the coronal and coronal loops plasma: Temperature, velocity and density.
  6. Development, dynamics and origin of CMEs.
  7. Identify the sequence of processes that occur at multiple layers (chromosphere, base and extended corona) which eventually leads to solar eruptive events.
  8. Magnetic field topology and magnetic field measurements in the solar corona .
  9. Drivers for space weather (origin, composition and dynamics of solar wind.

Aditya L1 Launch Date, Time, Venue:

Aditya L1 Spacecraft to be launched on 2nd Septmber 2023, 11:50 Hrs. IST from Sriharikota. Citizens are invited to witness the Aditya L1 Launch from the ‘Launch View Gallery’ at Sriharikota. Launch View Galary is the Space Port of India which attracts Thousands of Visitors to witness the Launch Activities and cheer for the Pride of our nation.

Launch Date – 2nd September 2023, Saturday
Launch Time – 11:50 AM
Venue – Launch View Gallery, Sriharikota

Nearest Railway Station : Sullurpeta, which is 18 Kms away from Sriharikota.

Very Limited Public/Private Transport is available from Sullurpeta to Sriharikota

Aditya L1 Mission Budget:

The Expected Budget of Adiya L1 Mission is around Rs. 378 Cr. However Total cost of this mission is not confirmed by ISRO Official.

Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023:

There will be No Tickets to get Entry in a Viewing Gallery, But you have to Register Online and get Entry Pass for that from Official ISRO website as mentioned below.

Aditya L1 Launch Registration 2023

Aditya L1 Mission Registration to be Enabled from 29th August 2023 at 12 PM and you can Register on below mentioned Link –

Note: Please keep Aadhar card/Driving License / any Govt issued ID, mobile number & email ID ready for hassle free and quick registration process.

For Queries Please Mail to : [email protected]

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