After Divorce My Ex Husband Goes Crazy Novel, Where to Read?

After Divorce, My Ex Husband Goes Crazy Novel by author Annabele Connor is the Love Story between Nadia and Matthew. It was a sweet love story after marriage. Both the hero and heroine were virgins. The hero didn’t realize his feelings for the heroine in the beginning. And he crazily pursued the heroine after their divorce.

Nadia Crosby fell in love with Matthew Brock when she was young. At that time, he was the most brilliant student, while she was just an inconspicuous transfer student. There was a chasm between them. At the class reunion years later, Matthew sat next to Nadia. They barely communicated. After the party, he drove her home.

That night, they had a one-night stand. She accidentally got pregnant. Matthew asked her if she would like to marry him, and Nadia said yes. There was no wedding or no blessing. Their married life was dull and passionless. Eventually, Nadia said, “Matthew, let’s divorce.” Matthew just quietly looked down at her and then gently nodded. “OK.”Everyone, including Nadia herself, thought Matthew did not love her until that day. In the hustle and bustle of the mall, the two brushed shoulders. Matthew suddenly tugged on Nadia’s arm. She saw his eyes blazing with emotions.

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Title: After Divorce, My Ex-Husband Goes Crazy
Author: Annabelle Connor
Publisher: LeReader
Genre: Romance

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