Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna Novel by Angelina Bhardawaj, Where to Read?

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna Novel by Angelina Bhardawaj is an intriguing romance novel tells the love story of an Alpha werewolf Kaiden and Scarred Luna. It explores themes of passion, healing and supernatural thrilling storyline. Here is where you can read Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna Complete Novel on Official Website.

alpha kaiden's scarred luna novel

The Graduation Ceremony “There is no pain bigger than the one given by your loved ones. When the people you trust and would lay down your life, start to show you the real meaning of life, filled with pain and suffering, you are bound to lose your mind and make some mistakes. The mistakes that sometimes ruin or make your life.” -by Angelina Bhardawaj

“Are you happy, mom? He has returned. Jackson said he would come and pick me up at 7 for the graduation party,” Anastasia couldn’t be more happy.

Jackson Grave. The heartthrob and the coolest person she laid her eyes on was her mate. But he wasn’t only that. He was also her friend of twelve years.

It has been exactly six months since she found that the alpha of her pack was her mate. It was still like a dream to her.

Jackson left the pack to train right after she found out he was her mate because of the alpha duties, and it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that he returned.

They were yet to talk to each other after his return. Anastasia was planning to find him at the party, but she received his message this morning saying he would pick her up.

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna Novel –

Novel Title: Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna Novel
Author: Angelina Bhardawaj
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: NovelOasis

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