Animal Farm PDF [All Chapters] Download by George Orwell

Animal Farm is a Novel by George Orwell, First published in England on 17th August 1945. It tells the Story of Group of Farm Animals who rebel against their Human Farmer, in a hope to create a Society where Animals can be Equal, Free and Happy. All the Animals led by the Pig named Napoleon and rebellion is betrayed. The Farm Ends up in a State as bad as it was before. Here is Animal Farm PDF Download All Chapter 1 to Chapter 10.

Animal Farm set on Manor Farm owned by Mr. Jones who is a cruel and Neglectful Owner. All Animals in Farm treated poorly and work long hours for little Food. One Day a Pig named Major leads and guides other animals about Importance of Freedom and Equality. He Encourages Animals to rebel against Mr. Jones. They rename the Farm as ‘Animal Farm’ and establish set of Rules like ‘All Animals are Equal’. They works hard and farm Prospers but 2 Pigs Napoleon and Snowball begin to disagree about how the Farm should be run.

Napoleon is a Ruthless and Ambitions Pig while Snowball is more idealistic. Napoleon wins the Power Struggle and Snowball is forced to flee the farm. Now, Under the dictatorship of Napoleon, animals are forces to work even harder. He rewrites established rules to suit his own needs. Now, Animals become resigned to their Fate and Farm becomes just as bad as it was under Mr. Jones.

Animal Farm reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Animal Farm is a very though Provoking and Powerful Novel receiving so much love of audiences. It talks about importance of fighting for freedom and equality.

Animal Farm – PDF (All Chapters)

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