Barbados Immigration Form 2023: Everything You Should Know!

Barbados Immigration Form you need for Barbados immigration depends on your reason for travel and desired length of stay. You need to fill out an online form for Immigration and Customs before you go to Barbados. Here is everything you need to know about Barbados Immigration Form, Barbados Immigration Form Pharmaceuticals Question and Problems with Barbados Immigration Form.

Barbados Immigration Form

Barbados Immigration Form is available to Visitors, Non-Immigrants and for one who is seeking PR. The form will be ready 72 hours before you arrive. You can do it whenever and wherever you want. After you finish the form, they’ll send you a receipt by email. Make sure to save it on your phone or print it out. You’ll need to show the receipt to Immigration and Customs when you get to Barbados.

Barbados Immigration Form

1) For visitors:

Online Immigration and Customs Travel Form: This is a mandatory electronic form for all visitors arriving in Barbados, and it must be completed online 72 hours before your arrival. You can access the form here:

2) For non-immigrants seeking temporary residence:

Application for a Non-Immigrant Visa: This paper form is required for anyone who wishes to stay in Barbados for more than six months but is not seeking permanent residency. There are different types of non-immigrant visas available, so be sure to choose the one that applies to your situation. You can find more information and download the application form here:

3) For persons seeking permanent residency:

Application for Permanent Residence: This paper form is for individuals who wish to live in Barbados permanently. The application process is complex and requires meeting specific eligibility requirements. You can find more information and download the application form here:

Here are some additional tips for completing Barbados immigration forms:

  1. Use black ink or type your responses clearly.
  2. Provide all requested information accurately and completely.
  3. Attach any required supporting documentation.
  4. Review your application carefully before submitting it.

Barbados Immigration Form Pharmaceuticals

The Barbados immigration form contains a question about pharmaceuticals, but it’s important to understand what it specifically asks and how it applies to you.

The question on the form: The exact wording may vary slightly depending on the version of the form you’re using, but it generally asks something like: “Are you bringing any pharmaceuticals into Barbados?”

What it means:
This question is asking about all types of medication, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, and herbal supplements. It’s important to be honest and accurate in your answer, as failing to declare medication could lead to penalties or even confiscation of the medication.

So, What you should do?

If you are bringing prescription medication, you should List the medication on the form, including the generic name, brand name, dosage, and quantity. Bring a copy of your doctor’s prescription with you.

If you are bringing over-the-counter medication or herbal supplements, you should Check the specific regulations for those types of medication. Some may be restricted or prohibited in Barbados. Declare them on the form if required.

Can I Complete the Barbados Immigration Form on Arrival?
While completing the Barbados Immigration and Customs Travel Form on arrival is technically possible in rare cases, it’s highly discouraged and comes with several drawbacks. But its advised to complete the form online 72 hours before your flight to get Smoother arrival, Save time, Reduce errors and to get Enhanced security.

Why Barbados Immigration Form is Not Working?
If you are facing problems with Barbados Immigration Form in accessing a website, its advised to Try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache, Check Website Status and also you can try with different browser of device. If the Problem still persist, you can contact Barbados Immigration Department directly for assistance with their Email ID or Contact Number.

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