Billionaire’s Ex-Wife: Craving You Novel, Where to Read?

Ravel slammed the door, leaving Hazel alone in their empty bedroom. Their dreams of a happy marriage had vanished, replaced by a heavy silence and her tear-stained cheeks. Ravel’s harsh words echoed in her mind, reminding her of their loveless reality. For days, Hazel stared at the divorce papers, struggling between holding onto the past and facing an unknown future.

Billionaire’s Ex-Wife: Craving You Novel

With a trembling hand, she signed the papers, accepting the end of their once-loving relationship. It was painful, but necessary. Starting over was tough. Loneliness and sadness were Hazel’s constant companions, but she knew she had to escape the prison of their dead love. Slowly, she found her own way. She followed her dreams, reconnected with old friends, and built a new life, piece by piece. The scars of the past remained, but they no longer held her captive.


Ravel who is contemplating a divorce from his wife, Hazel. He finds solace in his work as a jeweler and is preparing for an important exhibition in two months. Ravel’s sister, Elenor, barges into his office and confronts him about the divorce. She is shocked to learn about it and questions what went wrong in their marriage. Ravel insists that feelings change, and he fell out of love with Hazel. He also mentions another woman in his life and urges Hazel to sign the divorce papers quickly. Elenor is taken aback by this revelation and warns Ravel that his actions will have consequences, but he remains firm in his decision to divorce Hazel…

Billionaire’s Ex-Wife: Craving You Novel –

Ravel, too, moved on, but the memory of Hazel lingered, a bittersweet reminder of what he’d lost. Both Hazel and Ravel walked different paths, forever marked by their love story. Their marriage ended, but they each found happiness in unexpected places, realizing that sometimes letting go is the key to true freedom.

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