Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 1, Where to Watch?

Call the Midwife! A delightful show that chronicles the lives of the Nonnatus House midwives in London’s East End. Season 13 has just begun airing, and it promises to be another heartwarming and thought-provoking season. Here is Everything you wants to know about Call the Midwife Season 13 Episode 1 and Where to watch it online.

call the midwife season 13 episode 1

Two new student midwives, Joyce Highland and Rosalind Clifford, join the Nonnatus House family, bringing fresh perspectives and challenges. Meanwhile, all your favorite characters are back, from the ever-stoic Sister Julienne to the bubbly Nurse Trixie. Season 13 explodes with drama, hurling new midwives Joyce and Rosalind into the depths of Poplar life. Rosalind’s baptism by fire – delivering a baby amidst gunfire – nearly steals the show.

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 1 Precap

The new season of Call the Midwife is back with all the familiar faces and some new ones too! We pick up the story in the spring of 1969, and Nonnatus House is welcoming four new pupil midwives. The new girls, Joyce and Rosalind, are soon getting to grips with life at Nonnatus House, which includes learning to ride a bike (not as easy as it sounds!). Their first day on the job is a baptism of fire, with Rosalind delivering a baby in the midst of a domestic dispute.

Meanwhile, Doreen Challis finds herself pregnant and faces the challenge of telling her family, especially her mum Ada. Ada is initially shocked and worried, but soon comes around to the idea of being a grandmother. Over at the maternity clinic, Joyce is getting to grips with her new job with the help of Nurse Crane. But when they meet mum-to-be Iris Melia, they’re concerned to see she has bruises on her arms. Iris admits her husband can be heavy-handed after a stressful day at work, and he often takes his frustrations out on her.

Things are looking up for Doreen as Graham proposes and they book their wedding, but Miss Higgins makes a shocking discovery when she digs out Doreen’s old medical file only to find out she was delivered by Sister Julienne as a baby. Sister Julienne is stunned and seeks answers from God, but in the end, it is Sister Monica Joan who offers her support and tells her that she needs to find the answers herself. Knowing this means she needs to visit Doreen and Ada Challis, Sister Julienne braces herself for a tough conversation.

However, she is pleasantly surprised when Ada reminisces about Doreen’s traumatic arrival but in no way blames Sister Julienne for what happened, and instead thanks her for saving Doreen and making Ada a mother. Sister Julienne is relieved that she has finally got the answers and reassurance that she was looking for, but there isn’t much time to reflect because Doreen goes into labour and the baby is on the way.

As Doreen gets to St Cuthbert’s for her delivery, Iris Melia has gone into labour at home, but her delivery is set to be nothing short of traumatic. Poor Iris is in the throws of labour while her gangster husband, Les, is more worried about his work as the police close in on him, shortly after the arrest of the Kray twins.

As Trixie and new midwife Rosalind arrive to help Iris things go from bad to worse when the gas and air machine breaks and they are forced to call Sister Veronica to bring a new one. However, before Sister Veronica can get in the building, Iris asks Trixie to lock the doors so her husband can’t get in, but he is worried about a drug stash he has hidden in the house and he shoots the bolts off the door, almost hitting Rosalind in the process.

Rosalind bravely talks him down and allows him into the house to use the phone, but soon he has barricaded himself inside as the police arrive and he refuses to let Sister Veronica in with the gas and air. Poor Iris is forced to give birth with no pain relief and gunshots ringing around her, and soon she delivers a baby girl. But this wouldn’t be Call the Midwife without some drama, and the baby has a very short umbilical cord, meaning she isn’t breathing properly when she is born. Trixie works her magic and soon the baby is crying, but there is still a stalemate between the police and Les… until Sister Veronica steps in and takes over the megaphone!

Shortly after giving birth, Iris has complications that see her losing a lot of blood, and it is up to Trixie to reason with Les, getting him to put the gun down and hand himself in to the police in a bid to save his wife and newborn daughter. Thankfully he does, and is soon arrested as mother and baby are raced to hospital. Poor Rosalind is traumatised after her dramatic day, but she is soon on the mend after Joyce and Nancy cheer her up, distracting her with a spring pram decorating contest they need to get ready for, organised by Reggie. Matthew collects Trixie from the police station after she gives her statement about Les, and he is worried that her job as a community midwife is putting her in danger. He asks her to go back to private midwifery, but she refuses, reminding him that she loves her job very much.

Meanwhile, all ends well for Doreen, who is now mum to a healthy baby boy and as the pram contest gets underway, there is a feeling of happiness and hope settling over Poplar. So, there you have it! A quick catch-up on all the action from the first episode of Call the Midwife season 13. It’s been a rollercoaster ride already, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Title: Call the Midwife Season 13 Episode 1
Airing Date: 7th January 2024
Airing Time: 8 PM
Airing Platform: BBC One
Airing Schedule: Every Sunday 8 PM on BBC One

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 1 premiered on January 7, 2024 and you can watch Next Episode every Sundays at 8 PM on BBC One.

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