E20 Fuel Price, Why to Use E20 Petrol in Your Car, Benefits | FAQ’s

PM Narendra Modi have launched Pilot for E20 Fuel at ‘India Energy Week’ in Bangalore on Monday and it became the talk of the town. E20 Fuel is a Petrol Blended with 20% Ethanol. The E20 Fuel is being launched in 83 Locations in India Spread across 11 Starts and UTs. E20 Fuel has 20% Ethanol and 80% Petrol. The Number E20 represents 20% Ethanol in a Petrol. Let’s Explore more FAQs about E20 Fuel like E20 Fuel Price in IndiaE20 Fuel Kya Hota Hai, E20 Fuel Vehicle, Launch, E20 Petrol Cars in India, E20 Fuel Price in Indian Cities Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Gujarat. E20 Petrol Cost, Engine, Mileage, Pump, Team Bhp etc.

“We have increased ethanol blending in petrol from 1.5 percent (in 2014) to 10 per cent and are now progressing towards 20 per cent,” PM Modi said during the launch.

E20 Fuel will be made available across the country in a Phased manner in the coming months to encourage the use of bio-fuels, cut emissions and reduce dependence on foreign exchange-draining imports.

What is E20 Fuel or E20 Petrol

E20 Fuel has 20% Ethanol and 80% Petrol. The Number E20 represents 20% Ethanol in a Petrol. The Higher the Number, the higher will be the proportion of Ethanol in Petrol and as Ethanol is a Cleaner Fuel than Petrol it will help Cuts Pollution in an Environment.

Ethyl alcohol or ethanol (C2H5OH) is a biofuel that is made naturally by Fermenting sugar derived from sugarcane or other organic matter like food grains. E20 Petrol (E20 Fuel) Launch have been done 2 Months prior to its Release at Petrol Pumps.

E20 Petrol Cars in India – 

Hyundai Creta, Venue, and Alcazar SUVs are capable of running on E20 Petrol as of 2023. Tata Motors also revealed 2 Turbo Charged Petrol Engines at Auto Expo 2023 – the 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre engines. Tata has stated that its Vehicles that are more than 4 meters in length will be equipped with E20 Fuel compatible Engines. Other Companies like Mahindra, Kia, Maruti Suzuki are also planning to introduce Similar E20 Fuel Capable Engines by april 2023.

Benefits of Using E20 Fuel in Vehicles – 

There are Multiple Advantages of Using E20 Petrol in Your Cars, Bike, Two Wheeler or Heavy Loaded Vehicles. It will help Nation in a Long Run here’s How.

  • Using E20 Petrol in Your Two Wheeler or Cars will reduce the Pollution in an Environment.
  • 85% of Fuel Need fulfilled by Import as of now, So Using of E20 Fuel will result in Significant Cost Saving for the Nation
  • It will benefit the country’s agricultural industry.
  • Farmers Income would rise

E20 Petrol Price in India – Not Announced Yet

E20 Petrol Available from – April 2023 (At Petrol Pumps)

There Isn’t Announced Yeat What will be the Price of E20 Petrol in Cities Like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai and other Cities and State of Country. But One thing is Sure that Price of Petrol or E20 Fuel will be lesser in long run because it will cut down the Fuel Import Cost and as E20 Bio-fuel will be made in India itself because of Agricultural land. So, Prices of E20 Petrol will be Less Not Initially, But in a Long run.

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