Forced to Marry the Mafia Don Novel, Where to Read?

Meet Amelie Pearce, a stunning Chicago mafia princess thrust into a loveless union with Gio Locatelli, the brutal heir to the New York Famiglia. Gio is a notorious figure, feared for his cold-blooded nature and rumored to have strangled his own cousin. His piercing gaze and steely demeanor hide a complex web of emotions, leaving Amelie both terrified and strangely drawn to him.

forced to marry the mafia don novel

Trapped in a gilded cage, Amelie grapples with fear and simmering attraction as she navigates Gio’s dangerous world. Their interactions crackle with tension, forcing her to confront her own desires while questioning the ruthless man she’s bound to.

Family feuds, power struggles, and deadly secrets lurk around every corner. Amelie becomes entangled in a web of lies and betrayals, her survival depending on her ability to adapt and outsmart her enemies.

Forced to Marry the Mafia Don Novel Synopsis

Amelie Pearce, born into one of the prominent crime families in Chicago, is a princess of the mafia renowned for her physical attractiveness. However, what many perceive as a blessing becomes her downfall when she is compelled to marry Gio Locatelli, in order to establish peace between two mafia dynasties. Gio is the prospective head of the Locatelli Cartel within the New York Famiglia, a man infamous for his brutal nature and for strangling his cousin with his bare hands. Millie is filled with terror at the prospect of marrying such a monster.

Despite being one of the most desirable bachelors in New York due to his good looks, wealth, and charismatic but predatory demeanor, Millie understands that Gio’s bad boy persona is more than just an act. Behind Gio’s captivating gray eyes and arrogant smile lie bloodshed and death. In her world, an attractive exterior often conceals a hidden monster—one capable of both killing and kissing with equal ease. However, escaping from the arranged union, let alone a man like Gio, is impossible. He would pursue her to the ends of the earth. Millie’s only hope of survival in a marriage with Gio is to win his affection and gradually find her way into his heart—despite rumors that suggest Gio possesses no heart at all. A beautiful mafia princess given to a monstrous man. Even monsters harbor a heart. She fully intends to find her place within it.

Forced to Marry the Mafia Don Novel –

Title: Forced to Marry the Mafia Don
Author: HJ Lovelace (Hanni Jang)
Publisher: AlphaNovel
Genre: Werewolf

This novel avoids stereotypical portrayals of mafia life. Amelie is no damsel in distress, possessing hidden strength and resourcefulness. Gio, beneath his hardened exterior, reveals vulnerabilities and complexities that challenge reader expectations. The focus on family dynamics and internal conflicts within the mafia adds depth and intrigue to the narrative. So, you can read Forced to Marry the Mafia Don Novel on AlphaNovel Platform online. The Link to the Novel mentioned above, you can start reading from Chapter 1. Alternatively, you can read Novel via AlphaNovel App for Android/iOS devices.

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