Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status Video Download (Vertical) Best HD Collection

India’s Most Loved and Biggest Celebrated Day of the Year Diwali is Finally arrived and every House filled with Happiness and Joy and lots of Vibrant Energies. Yes, Deepavali is one of the Joyous festival celebrated in every houses of our country with biggest Joy. On Diwali 2023 they lights Diyas or Lamps, Decorate Homes, Bursting Firecrackers, Doing Prayers, Do Social Gathering, Wears New Clothes, Decorate Pooja Rooms and lot more. Here we have Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status Video Download 2023 Latest HD Vertical Best Collection.

Here we brings Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status Video Download, Hindi Wishes, Shayari in Hindi message for your. Also, we mentioned some of the Best Happy Dipavali messages 1 Lines, 2 Liners and 4 Liners in Hindi and English. Don’t miss to check out our best Collection of Happy Diwali 2023 Whatsapp Status that you can Send to your relative on such auspicious day.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Status Video Download HD

Here are some Happy Diwali WhatsApp status messages you can use to share your festive wishes with your contacts:

“On this festival of lights so bright,
May your life be filled with pure delight.
Wishing you a Happy Diwali, so grand,
With love and joy, hand in hand.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“As diyas light up the night’s serene,
May your heart’s lamp forever gleam.
With the joy of Diwali, let it beam,
A life of happiness and dreams.”

“Roshan ho aapka jeevan diyo ki roshni se,
Khushiyon se bhara rahe aapka mann hamesha.
Diwali ke is pyaare din, humari duaayein aapke saath,
Har khushi aapke paas aaye, ye kamna karte hain saari baar-baar.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diyon ki chamak, khushiyon ka ujala,
Diwali ka tyohar laaye aapke jeevan mein mithas.
Roshan ho aapka har pal, khushiyon se sajaye,
Diwali ki shubh kamnayein aapko aapke dwaar.”

“Diwali ki raat ko diyon ka ujaala bhar de,
Khwabon ki sair, pyaar aur umeed se dil ko sawaar de.
Safalta aur samridhi ka rang bhar de aapke jeevan mein,
Diwali ki shubhkamnayein aapke liye, yahi hai dua humari.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali aayi, khushiyan layi, rangon ka tyohar aaya hai,
Dil se dua hai, aapka jeevan khushiyon se bhar jaye.
Diyon ki chamak se roshan ho aapka raasta,
Diwali ki shubhkamnayein, aapke saath hamesha sajta rahe ye vaasta.”

“Diwali ke is paavan avsar par, dil se duaen aapke liye,
Sukh, samridhi, aur pyaar se bhara ho aapka jeevan sada.
Diyon ki chamak se aapka ghar roshan ho, mann khushiyon se bhar de,
Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnayein, aapke aur aapke pariwar ko pyaar se.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali ka tyohar aaya hai, khushiyon ka toofan laya hai,
Dilon ko milane ka bahana, pyaar ka paigaam aaya hai.
Diyon ki chamak se roshan ho jaye aapka jeevan,
Diwali ki shubhkamnayein, khushiyaan aur pyaar bhara ho yeh samay.”

“Diwali ki raat, diyas ki roshni,
Khushiyon ka tyohar, manayein sajni.
Dil se dua hai, aapke liye shubh kamnayein,
Safalta aur samridhi se sajayein aapke aane wale din.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali ki raat aayi hai, dil ko behlaye khushiyon ki baarish,
Aapke jeevan ko roshan karein diyon ki chamak ki parwah na karein.
Safalta aur samridhi ka jashn manayein, khushi se bhar de aapka mann,
Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnayein, ye hai humari aapke liye tamanna.”

“Diwali ke is pyaare tyohar par, aapko milti rahe khushiyan beshumar,
Dil se dua hai, aapka jeevan sada rahe samridhi se bharpoor.
Diyon ki chamak se roshan ho aapka aangan,
Diwali ki shubh kamnayein, aapko ye bheje hum aapke liye pyaar se.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diyon ki chamak se roshan ho aapka jeevan, khushiyon ka safar aasaan ho,
Diwali ke is mauke par aapko mile pyaar, umeed, aur samridhi ka tohfa ho.
Rangoli ki mehak, mithaiyon ki mithas, aapke jeevan ko sajaye,
Diwali ki shubhkamnayein, aapko ye bheje hum aapke liye dil se.”

“Diwali aayi, aapke dil mein khushiyaan chhayi,
Diyon ki chamak se aapka jeevan saj gayi.
Safalta aur samridhi ka aangan aapke liye khula hai,
Diwali ki shubh kamnayein, aapko ye bheje hum aapke liye dil se.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali aayi, khushiyon ki bahaar laayi,
Dil se dil mil gaye, pyaar se sansaar saj gaya.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diyon ki chamak, rangoli ki mehak,
Mithaiyon ki bahaar, aapke jeevan ko ujaala bhar.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali ke is tyohar par, dil se dua hai yeh,
Aapke jeevan mein khushiyan, sukh, samridhi se bhara rahe.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Roshan ho aapka jeevan is Diwali mein,
Khushiyon se bhara har pal, pyaar se mile aapko dil se.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali aaye, rangon ki bahaar laaye,
Aapke jeevan mein khushiyon ki bauchaar laaye.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diyon ki chamak se sajti hai raat,
Aapke jeevan ko Diwali ki mithaas se sajaye.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Diwali ke is paawan avsar par,
Dil se dil tak aapke saath hum hai.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Dil se nikli duaen aapke liye,
Is Diwali par khushiyon ka tyohar manayein.” Happy Diwali 2023!

“Wishing you a sparkling and joyous Diwali! ✨🪔 #HappyDiwali”
“May the festival of lights illuminate your life with happiness and prosperity. 🌟🕯️ #DiwaliGreetings”
“Let the warmth of Diwali fill your heart with love and light. 💖🪔 #FestivalOfLights”
“May this Diwali bring laughter, love, and prosperity into your life. 🎉💐 #DiwaliWishes”
“Wishing you and your loved ones a Diwali filled with sweetness and light! 🍬🪔 #HappyDiwali2023”
“On this auspicious day, may your home be filled with love, laughter, and positivity. 🏡💫 #DiwaliCelebration”
“As the diyas light up your home, may your life be illuminated with happiness and success. 🪔🌠 #DiwaliFestival”
“Wishing you a year filled with joy, health, and wealth. Happy Diwali! 💰🥳 #Diwali2023”
“Diwali is the time to create beautiful memories with family and friends. Enjoy every moment! 🥰🪔 #FestiveSeason”
“May the divine light of Diwali bring peace and prosperity to your life. 🙏✨ #DivineDiwali”
Feel free to choose and customize any of these messages to share with your WhatsApp contacts to spread the festive spirit and warm wishes for Diwali.

Happy Diwali messages in Hindi written using the English alphabet:

“Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnayein! 🪔✨”
“Diwali ke is pawan avsar par aapko dher saari khushiyan milein! 🌟🕯️”
“Diwali ke tyohar par aapke jeevan mein ujala ho, dhan aur samriddhi ka vardaan mile. 💖🪔”
“Diwali aapke jeevan ko sukh, prem, aur samridhi se bhar de. 🎉💐”
“Diwali ki mithas aur roshni se bhara ho aapka jeevan. 🍬🪔”
“Is Diwali ko apno ke saath manaiye aur khushiyan batein. 🏡💫”
“Diwali ke is pavan avsar par aapke ghar mein khushi aur safalta aaye. 🪔🌠”
“Aapko ek sukhmay, swasth, aur dhani varsh ki shubhkamnaayein! 💰🥳”
“Diwali ka tyohar aapke parivaar aur dosto ke saath khubsoorat yaadein banaye. 🥰🪔”
“Diwali ke pavitra prakash se aapka jeevan shaanti aur samriddhi se bhar jaye. 🙏✨”

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Happy Diwali 2023 Vertical Whatsapp Status in HD available for Android, iOS Devices Mobile Smartphone, Tablets. Wishing you a Happy Diwali 2023.

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