Husband With Benefits Novel (Nora and Demetri) Where to Read?

“Husband With Benefits” Novel is written by the author har_k. It falls under the contemporary romance genre and features the trope of a marriage of convenience. Here is the guide to read ‘Husband with Benefits Novel’ online. It’s a Story of Nora and Demetri or Nora and Demon.

Nora’s world crumbles when she discovers her fiance’s infidelity just a month before their wedding. To add insult to injury, she learns of a plot to steal her inheritance. Devastated but determined, Nora makes a bold decision. She seeks out Demetri, a powerful and enigmatic businessman known as “The Demon” in the business world.

Demetri offers Nora a proposition: a marriage of convenience. He needs a wife for business reasons, and Nora needs protection and support to claim her inheritance. They agree to the arrangement, entering a loveless contract to fulfill their individual needs.

As Nora and Demetri navigate the complexities of their pretend marriage, they find themselves drawn to each other. They discover hidden depths beneath their cold exteriors, and a spark ignites between them. However, their path to love is filled with obstacles, including past secrets, societal expectations, and the machinations of those who wish to see them fail.

Husband With Benefits Novel –

Title: Husband With Benefits
Author: har_k
Language: English
Publisher: Webnovel

The central theme revolves around the characters entering a marriage for reasons beyond love. The story explores the characters’ hidden complexities and vulnerabilities as they get to know each other better. Chapter 1 to Chapter 29 are completely free to read online on webnovel platform. You can unlock more chapters by using WebNovel App for Android/iOS smartphone devices.

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