I Want You Back Novel (Laura and Jason): Realizes Mistake After Divorce

I Want You Back Novel is the romance story between Laura Thompson and Jason Davies written by Author Meminger. The novel is a romance story about Laura and Jason, who were once married but are now divorced. Jason leaves Laura for his ex-girlfriend, but later realizes that he made a mistake. He tries to win Laura back, but she is hesitant to forgive him.

Laura Thompson watched her marriage crumble when her husband abruptly asked for a divorce. She had always suspected that he never truly loved her, but she had decided to win him over gradually. However, everything fell apart when her husband’s ex girlfriend reentered his life and persuaded him to leave Laura.

Completely disheartened after putting so much effort into a marriage that ended in failure, Laura decided to agree to the divorce and start her life anew in an uncertain place. However, Jason Davies realizes that he made a mistake by separating from Laura due to his ex girlfriend’s influence.

He now recognizes that he loves Laura, even though he didn’t realize it before. Jason intends to reunite with Laura and win her back. The lingering question is whether Laura will forgive Jason and return to him after being hurt so deeply by him.

I Want You Back Novel – https://www.goodnovel.com/book/I-Want-You-Back_31000688792

Title: I Want You Back
Author: Meminger
Publisher: GoodNovel
Language: English
Genre: Billionaire

The novel is available to read for free on the GoodNovel app. It has received mixed reviews from readers, with some praising the story and others criticizing the characters and plot. If you are already reading it or completed reading, do share your experience with us what you think about this Novel.

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