Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Full Story All [Episodes | Chapters] Listen, Read Online

Pocket FM blockbuster audio series ‘Insta Millionaire’ has wreaked havoc with its long-form storytelling, reaching Rs 10 crore revenue within three months of launch. The audio series has witnessed an exponential curve since the series was launched, already surpassing 50 million plays and 375 million listening minutes. Further, it expects to exceed Rs 50 crore revenue, with the listeners increasingly binging on this series. Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Full Story in Hindi All Episodes are Available to Listen Online in Audiobook. All Episode Read Online on official Pocket FM App.

Commenting on the success of the 850 plus episode audio series, Ashu Behl, SVP -Content and Strategy, Pocket FM said, “We have been frontending the long-form storytelling through pioneering the audio-series category which offers long term engagement like a TV series and action packed drama like an OTT series. Insta Millionaire’s success reinforces the growing appetite among the listeners for such audio content.”

“Interestingly, we are witnessing increasing demand for unconventional genres like fantasy, sci-fi, and thrillers, and many of these series are registering similar demand and revenue as we witness for any popular web/TV series. With our content strength and the faster adoption of audio series, we believe audio storytelling will soon evolve as a mainstream entertainment destination,” shared Behl.

Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Full Story in Hindi | [Episodes | Chapters]

Beside ‘Insta Millionaire’, Pocket FM has over 730 monetised audio-series, and has been witnessing increase in monetization since it launched micropayment in February 2022. Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Series All the Episodes are available to Listen in Audio book. Alternatively, you can read whole novel chapters online on official Pocket FM Website.

“Pocket FM has time and again proven that content monetization is not only possible, but also profitable. Our Pay per Episode model puts focus back on high-quality content which is targeted to the right audience with the right pricing,” Behl further added.

‘Insta Millionaire’ revolves around the rags-to-riches storyline, narrated through a game of luck that turns a poor person rich overnight. You can Enjoy Initial 1 Hour of Insta Millionaire in this video below. The Whole Audiobook is available on official App, you can download from Android, iOS Stores.

Insta Millionaire – Book, Audiobook

Author: Swapnil

Narrator: Suraj Kumar

Number of Episodes – 356

Audio Book Download – Pocket FM App

Insta Millionaire Book – All Episodes (Audio and Book Read)

Where to Listen ‘Insta Millionaire’ Pocket FM All Episodes?

You can Listen all the Episodes available in Audiobook on official PocketFM App in Android an iOS devices.

Can i Download ‘Insta Millionaire’ Pocket FM All Episodes in MP3?

Downloading Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Series is not allowed but you can Enjoy whole series on Pocket FM App.

Can i Read  ‘Insta Millionaire’ Pocket FM All Chapters Online?

Yes, You can Read All Chapters of ‘Insta Millionaire Pocket FM’ on Official Website.

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