Kirtan Sohila Sahib Path in [Hindi, Punjabi English] PDF Download

Kirtan Sohila is a Sikh Night Prayer composed of five Shabads. The First 3 by Guru Nanak Dev, 4th by Guru Ram Das and 5th by Guru Arjan Dev. The Word Sohila means ‘The Time for Sleep’ in Punjabi. Kirtan Sohila is also known as ‘Sohila Sahib’ or ‘Bedtime Prayer’ is a short prayer that Sikhs recite regularly during their Sleep Time. Here we have Kirtan Sohila PDF Download in Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Kirtan Sohila is used to calm the mind and prepare for Sleep. Its also used as Conclusion of evening ceremonies at Gurudwara. The Shabads or Hymns in Kirtan sohila bring sense of peace, protection and connection to God. It gives relaxing for Body and mind. It helps to get rid of Negative thoughts and emotions.

So, Kirtan Sohila is good for Body Meditation and relaxation for mind for Good Sleep. The best way to get maximum benefits of Kirtan Sohila is to Chant or listen to a recording. Follow below mentioned tips to recite Kirtan Sohila Sahib Path:

  1. Find a quiet place and Sit in a Comfortable Position
  2. Close your Eyes and take few deep breaths to relax your Body and mind
  3. Recite Hymns slowly focusing on the meaning of the words, let them wash over you
  4. Try to stay in a Present moment
  5. Keep reciting Kirtan Sohila until you feel calm and relaxed.

Here we brings to you Kirtan Sohila Path PDF in Hindi, Punjabi and English. You can easily Download Kirtan Sohila PDF and keep it with your in Smartphone or Take a Print out of it for daily use. Alternatively, you can use Kirtan Sohila Path Audio File recording available online. Find recording which you find Soothing and relaxing.

Kirtan Sohila Path in Punjabi PDF (Gurmukhi) – Download
Kirtan Sohila Path in English PDF (Roman and Gurmukhi) – Download
Kirtan Sohila Path in Hindi PDF – Download

Roman Script is based on the Latin Alphabet and used to write Punjabi Outside of India. Gurmukhi Scipt is official script of Punjab, India and used in Govt Documents, Religious texts and other Formal settings. Hope you liked our Kirtan Sohila Path PDF Download in Hindi, English, Punjabi language. Try to Chant or read Kirtan Sohila PDF everyday and get maximum benefits of it. If you have any question related to this, do let us know in comments.

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