Love Island Australia Season 5 Winner Tyra and Kale received $50,000 Prize

Tyra and Kale, Savanah and Clint and Lucinda and Zac were the Top 3 Finalists Contestants of Love Island Australia Season 5 Grand Finale Episode. Australian Public Voted for their favorite Couple. All shared heartfelt declarations of love, expressing their hopes for the future and appreciating the journey they’d shared in the villa. Tears were definitely flowing!

love island australia season 5 winner name 2023

The most electrifying moment of the night was the reveal of the public vote, with Sophie Monk announcing the winning couple. Tyra and Kale’s victory was met with overwhelming cheers and jubilation from both the islanders and the audience.

The winning couple received the coveted $50,000 prize and enjoyed a romantic celebration with champagne, fireworks, and heartfelt declarations of their future plans. Tyra and Kale even confirmed their relationship status as boyfriend and girlfriend!

Show Title – Love Island Australia Season 5
Finalists: Tyra and Kale, Savanah and Clint, Lucinda and Zac
Winner – Tyra and Kale
Prize – $50,000

The winners of Love Island Australia Season 5, crowned through public vote, are Tyra and Kale! They captivated viewers with their strong connection, genuine romance, and supportive nature throughout the season. Their victory solidifies their status as fan favorites and the true champions of Season 5.

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