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SonyLiv aired Masterchef India Season 8 reality show turning more interesting after each week. Recently, we have seen Elimination of Homecook Kriti Dhiman on 1 December 2023 where She was in Bottom 3 with Mohammed Aashiq and Suraj Thapa. Now, Judges Announced Decision and Kriti eliminated because of her weak dish this week. Now, Let’s Meet Top 6 Finalists of Masterchef India Season 8.

masterchef india season 8 top 6 finalists

So, Mohammed Aashiq and Suraj Thapa saved in a Last Black Apron Challenge and they entered to Top 6 Finalists of the show. The Contestant who made it to the Finals very First is Nambie Marak. Now, Those who have impress Judges Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Pooja Dhingra are the lucky Top 6 Finalists.

  1. Nambie Marak
  2. Harish Closepet
  3. Nidhi Sharma
  4. Suraj Thapa
  5. Dr. Rukhsaar Sayeed
  6. Mohammed Aashiq

So, Many Congratulations to Nambie Marak, Harish Closepet, Mohammed Aashiq, Nidhi Sharma, Suraj Thapa and Dr. Rukhsaar Sayeed you are Well Deserved Top 6 Finalists. These are the Homecooks who have impressed Judges and audiences with their Tasty Dishes each weekend. They made it to the Finale and one of them will be Titled as Masterchef India Season 8 Winner on SonyLiv.

Now, One who will impress Judges with their Tasty Dish in a Grand Finale Episode will be the Winner of Masterchef India Season 8. The Winner of Masterchef India 2023 will be Awarded with Golden Trophy, Chef Coat and Prize Money. Who do you think deserves the Winning Trophy, do let us know in comments and don’t forget to watch Masterchef India Grand Finale Week Monday to Friday 8 PM on Sonyliv.

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