McDonald’s Guwahati Ganeshguri Location, Menu, Price, Review, Job

McDonald’s rolled out its largest restaurant in India at Guwahati’s Ganeshguri Area on Monday. The Brand New Outlet is Spread across 6,700 Sq ft area and can host 220 customers at a time. Here’s McDonald’s Guwahati Ganeshguri Location, Menu, Price, Review, Job Recruitment and everything you wants to know about.

This is the First McDonal’s in a North-East India. A Huge Crowd was there during the Openig Day Ceremony of McDonald’s Guwahati, Assam Outlet. Apart from MCDonalds, Guwahati already has Starbucks, Dominos, KFC, TacoBell, Burget King etc.

McDonald’s India (North and East) has revealed on Monday that they will Hire around 5,000 People as it looks to double its outlets to cross 300 restaurants in the region over the next 3 years.

McDonald’s Guwahati Location – 

Location: B.K.TOWER, Ganeshguri

Address: 4QXP+CFH, GS Rd, Dispur, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781006

Now, Guwahati People and Visitors there Enjoy Fresh Burgers, Wraps, Snacks, Desserts, Beverages, McDonald’s Dips, McDonald’s Meals and more.

McDonald’s Guwahati Menu, Price – 

See the List of Items Available at Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam Location.


In McDonalds Guwahati, you will get the following veg meals.

Name of McDonalds MealsPrice
McAloo Tikki Burger Meal (Medium)₹184
Schezwan Veg Burger Meal (Medium)₹202
Maharaja Mac Veg Meal (Medium)₹351
Big Spicy Wrap Paneer Meal (Medium)₹340
McSpicy Paneer Meal (Medium)₹307
Classics McVeggie Meal (Medium)₹235
Classics Butter Paneer Grilled Burger  Meal (Medium)₹241
McAloo Tikki Burger Happy Meal₹229
McVeggie Happy Meal₹277


In McDonalds Guwahati, you will get the following non-veg meals.

Name of McDonalds MealsPrice
McEgg Burger Meal (Medium)₹186
Chicken McGrill Meal (Medium)₹226
Maharaja Mac Chicken Meal (Medium)₹358
Big Spicy Wrap Chicken Meal (Medium)₹351
McSpicy Chicken Meal(Medium)₹311
Classics McChicken Meal (Medium)₹259
Classics Butter Chicken Grilled Burger  Meal (Medium)₹272
ClassicsFilet-O-Fish Meal (Medium)₹296
Chicken McGrill Happy Meal₹272
McNuggets 4 Pcs Happy Meal₹277


Burger & Wraps MenuPrice
McVeggie Burger₹103
McAloo Tikki Burger₹52
McAloo Tikki Burger₹184
Mc spicy Paneer Burger₹175
Spicy Paneer Wrap₹ 208
Schezwan Veg Burger₹70
Chicken McGrill Burger₹94
Butter Paneer Grilled Burger₹109
Butter Chicken Grilled Burger₹140
McEgg Burger₹54
McEgg Burger₹186
Dosa Masala Burger₹170
Veg Maharaja Mac₹204
Pizza McPuff₹44
McSpicy Chicken Burger₹179
FILLET-O-FISH Burger₹164
McSpicy Chicken Burger₹ 201
Spicy Chicken Wrap₹219
Chicken Maharaja Mac₹215


Snacks MenuPrice
4 piece Chicken McNuggets₹120
6 piece Chicken McNuggets₹153
9 piece Chicken McNuggets₹194
20 piece Chicken McNuggets₹366
Pizza McPuff₹44
Regular Fries
Medium Fries
Cheesy Fries with Smoky Chipotle Sauce₹131


Beverages MenuPrice
Large Fries
Hot Black Coffee
Small Coca-Cola
Medium Coca-Cola₹53/-
Large Coca-Cola
Small Fanta Oragne
Medium Fanta Orange
Large Fanta Oragne
Small Sprite
Medium Sprite
Large Sprite
Coke Float
Fanta Float
Sprite Float
Cold Coffee₹98
Cold Coffee Float₹105
Iced Tea₹76
Masala Chai Regular
Masala Chai Cutting
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Can
Coke Zero Can
Chocolate Milk Shake
Schweppes Packaged Water


Desserts MenuPrice
Veg McMuffin
Hot Cake with Maple Syrup
Hash Brown
Sausage N Egg Mc Muffin
Sausage Mc Muffin
Egg Mc Muffin
Soft serve cone₹28
McSwirl ChocoDip₹43
McSwirl ButterScotch Dip
Regular Soft Serve: Hot Fudge
Medium Soft Serve: Hot Fudge
Regular Soft Serve: Strawberry
Medium Soft Serve: Strawberry
Regular Soft Serve: Brownie with Hot Fudge
Medium Soft Serve: Brownie with Hot Fudge
Regular McFlurry – Oreo₹87
Medium McFlurry – Oreo₹109
Regular McFlurry ChocoCrunch₹87
Medium McFlurry ChocoCrunch₹109
Medium Sundae Chocolate/Strawberry₹83
Regular Sundae Chocolate/Strawberry₹44
Medium Sundae Chocolate Brownie₹109
Regular Sundae Chocolate Brownie₹77
Small Black Forest
Regular Black Forest

Customer Review

Here’s What Customers Saying about their McDonald’s Guwahati, Assam Experience.

Dr Afnan Ahmed
Very nice ambiance, high tec, proper fast food joint and the legendary MacDonalds taste!!

Pallavi Sandaello
I went on the second day of opening, the food was good and the taste is similar to McDonald’s elsewhere in India, so overall its a must visit and on top its spacious with a good sitting area.

Vegetarian options: It has good options for vegetarians.

Kid-friendliness: Its a place where even kids can have their own space and enjoy.

Parking: Parking is an issue because it is in Ganeshguri so you have to park elsewhere or at the parking near the Ganeshguri bus stand and walk to McDonald’s.

Asish Pandey
Sweet Staff, Great ambiance, Absolutely delicious food

Sukanya Dutta
The food is good but i got cheated. Ordered 1 happy meal for takeaway but items were missing inside package. There was only 1 story book and a burger.

Chaya Chess Academy
It’s great to see that Guwahati finally got McDonald’s. All the thanks to the one who took the risk and bought the franchise. Would love to visit soon

McDonald’s Guwahati, Assam Recruitment

McDonald’s has announced that it will be hiring 5000 Indian employees as part of its plan to double stores in North, East India. A new outlet in Guwahati is McDonald’s largest restaurant in the north and east India region. The hiring plan and recruitment details can be checked

Interested candidates who want to work with McDonald’s are advised to keep an eye on the career section of official website for not missing updates. Information about the openings will be updated on the official website.

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