NASW Code of Ethics PDF 2023 Download Free | Set of Social Work Standards

The NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Code of Ethics is the set of Guideline and Standards for Social Workers. The NASW Code of Ethics provides direction for ethical practice of Social Work. The Values and Responsibilities that Social Workers should uphold to ensure their professional conduct is in the best interest of their clients and society as a whole. Here is NASW Code of Ethics PDF Download Free to know Set of Values, Standards for Social Workers.

The Code is divided into 6 Sections namely Preamble, Core Values, Ethical Principles, Ethical standards, Application of the Code, NASW Procedures for Enforcement of the code. The code emphasizes the importance of respecting the dignity and worth of every individual, promoting social justice, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all professional interactions.

It covers areas such as client confidentiality, informed consent, cultural competence, professional boundaries, and ethical decision-making. Adhering to the NASW Code of Ethics helps social workers navigate complex ethical dilemmas and provide effective and compassionate support to those they serve.

The NASW Code of Ethics is a valuable resource for social workers. It provides guidance on how to uphold the profession’s core values and to act ethically in all aspects of their work.

NASW Code of Ethics 2023 – PDF

You can Download the NASW Code of Ethics PDF 2023 from the NASW website:

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