Obsidian Alpha Novel (Morena and Leander Story) Where to Read?

Obsidian Alpha is an Intriguing Novel written by Author Rayhan Hannachi. Its a Story of a Morena who lost her both parents and is living with younger sister ever since; attends an event in her pack and meets her mate – Alpha Leander. He is a black wolf, apparently doomed to be mateless, also a feared warrior and absolute menace; but he takes her with himself to discover if she’s plotting against him and using magic to deceive him into believing that she is his actual mate.

obsidian alpha novel

Obsidian Alpha novel Morena and Leander story Plot is very Interesting but the Novel is Incomplete on Official Platform and that is why readers who have invested their Time, Money and Emotions into this Interesting Novel are Upset after reading it. So, as of Now 22 Chapters are released and it wasn’t updated Since 2021.

So, Where to Read this Novel?

Obsidian Alpha Novel by Rayhan_H (Rayhan Hannachi) is available to read on Passion Reading App. This Novel is advertised on Instagram and other Social Media Platforms. So, Novel readers spent their money and started reading on Passion App. But Unfortunately, that is Incomplete Novel which has only 22 Chapters and Story is not Ending there.

Novel Name – Obsidian Alpha
Genre – Werewolf
Language – English
Reading Platform – Passion App
Chapters Available – 22
Status – Incomplete
Last Updated on – 2021

There Isn’t any Update when Next Chapters are Releasing, Where is Author Rayhan Hannachi and there isn’t any Update from Passion App as well.

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