Prickly Romance Novel by Nia Arthurs, Where to Read?

Ryotaro Sazuki is the Japanese music legend who embarrassed me on the biggest stage of my life. Cold. Ruthless. Eyes of pure steel. He’s the last person I ever want to see again. So why is he the one running to me after I save an adorable little girl from bullies? Turns out, the sweet kid with the tawny-brown skin is Sazuki’s daughter. She’s deaf and reminds me so much of my sister that I instantly connect with her.

Prickly Romance Novel by Nia Arthurs

But spending time with her means I must go through Sazuki. And I hate that man with the passion of a thousand suns even if he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Anger and attraction. Ice and fire. All we do is trade barbs at each other. Until he slowly starts to unveil the kind-hearted man beneath the mask of ruthless emperor.

Suddenly, the feelings I’m having for Sazuki aren’t murderous anymore. But falling for him is a huge no-no. He’s older, famous, and from a strict, traditional family. Can I keep my hands to myself while working at his foundation? And will our age gap romance stand the test when his family finds out?

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Enjoy fierce, determined heroines and flawed, alpha heroes with kids? Then dive in! PRICKLY ROMANCE is a slowburn, AMBW enemies-to-lovers, office romance with deaf characters, tender moments and sizzling chemistry!

It’s a Story of A single dad, AMBW, age-gap, slow burn romance. You can Read Prickly Romance Novel by Nia Arthurs online on official website goodreads, Amazon Platform.

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