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Runaway Wife Novel by Author Kelly Anderson is an Interesting Story of Amelia Jenson and Liam Prescott. After their divorce, Amelia Jenson finds herself plagued by her ex-husband’s relentless pursuits. Despite his promises to take care of her for the rest of her life, Amelia knows she could never trust a man like Liam Prescott, let alone allow him to abduct her back into the Prescott family. Faced with Liam’s ultimatums, she eventually concedes. Perhaps her husband, regardless of past, present, or future, could only really be Liam. Perhaps she just has to learn to live with it and eventually … him.

Runaway Wife Novel

Amelia clutched her marriage certificate in the grand villa she shared with Liam Prescott. Three years ago, she married him, but now, staring at his name on the papers, she felt no joy—only tears. On TV, Liam faced rumors about his relationship with Ava Summers. When questioned, he dismissed it as a rumor, leaving a reporter speechless. Ava, a celebrity, laughed it off, claiming a friendly work relationship.

Amelia, learning about Liam’s womanizing ways, realized he was the youngest tycoon in Bradbury. She patiently waited for him at home, but news of scandals filled her days. Their dull life together lacked feelings, filled only with bitterness and Liam’s mocking words. One day, as Liam returned home, Amelia, overjoyed yet uneasy, greeted him. Despite his indifference, she played the role of a good wife, hoping he wouldn’t bring another woman home.

During dinner, the TV showcased an intimate interview with Liam and Ava. Amelia, embarrassed, forced a smile. Liam, noticing her discomfort, asked, “Don’t you have any questions?” Their silent, bitter days continued, marked by the TV’s reminders of Liam’s public life.

Runaway Wife Novel –

Title: Runaway Wife Novel
Author: Kelly Anderson
Language: English
Publisher: GoodNovel

Runaway Wife Novel is an Intriguing Story of Amelia available to read online on GoodNovel Platform. Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 are Free to Read from Website. You can read few more chapters online on GoodNovel App. To read, Runaway Wife Complete Novel Online, You need to get Subscription or you can unlock chapters by coins. If you have read this novel or reading it, do share your experience with other readers via comments section below.

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