Sandeep Maheshwari to Turn his YouTube Monetization ON to Hire a Law Firm #StopVivekBindra

Sandeep Maheshwari helps People who are Scamed by Dr Vivek Bindra and not getting their Money Back. Yes, Motivation Speaker Promised to help People those who are Cheated and those who feels Dr. Vivek Bindra is a Scam. So, You have to File a FIR against him. Here is What Sandeep Maheshwari Said about this Scam and Possible Action you can Take against Vivek Bindra.

sandeep maheshwari youtube monetization ON Vivek Bindra

Those Who Feels Vivek Bindra is Scam and Those who are Cheated by this Scam and not getting their money back, can File a FIR against DR Vivek Bindra. If Police refuses to File a FIR, You can Show them all RBI Circulars and they won’t refuse. If Many People from across the Various Parts of Nation will File a Complaint against him then Higher Authorities like CBI and ED will be in Action very quickly. They will also feels like its a Big Scam of Rs 500 Cr.

So, Dr Vivek Bindra who gathered money from Public and Cheating People is a Big Scam of Rs. 500 Cr. Even 18-19 years Age of Boys and girls are cheated by this Scam. Here is What Sandeep Maheshwari’s Plan against Dr Vivek Bindra.

“I Will Turn on My YouTube Channel Monetization ON, I will get Some money from it, Suppose in 2-3 months i will get 1 Cr rupees, I will use these Money to Hire India’s Best Law Firm which will represent these people who have been scammed. So, Sandeep Maheshwari is Turning Ads ON for his YouTube Channel to get money for Hiring Best Law Firm”, Sandeep Maheswari Said

He Further Said, “If I Need Such BIG amount of Money I will Turn Monetization ON. If I Can arrange that by my self, I will Not Turn Monetization ON“. So, Sandeep Maheshwari is ready for the Mission and He might Turn ON Ads on his Channel to Help People by Hiring Best Law Firm.

So, If you are One Who are Scamed by Vivek Bindra, You can Write a Letter and Post or Mail it to RBI and Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

  1. Write a Letter in Hindi or English (Regarding You are Scammed and You want your Money Back)
  2. Also Attach your Payment Proof and Registration Number
  3. Post it to RBI and also to Ministy of Consumer Affairs
  4. Attach Your Payments Proof and Contact Details Property it will help them to reach out to verify.

You can also Email Same at [email protected]

Note – RBI Circulars and RBI Representatives offices in Various States Documents Attached in Sandeep Maheswari’s #StopVivekBindra Campaign Video.

Those Who are not Scammed yet but Wants to take Legal Action against Dr. Vivek Bindra, can Share Hashtag #StopVivekBindra on Social Media.

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