Secrets Of The Sullivan Sisters Novel (Caroline and Nathan)

Secrets of the Sullivan Sisters Novel is the story of Caroline and Nathan. Caroline and Shirley looked exactly the same like each other. They were hiding a Secret about their Appearance. Shirley forced Sister Caroline to be the Substitute wife to her Husband Nathan. How Caroline started living double life. One as a University student and Housekeeper at Sullivan residence as Mrs. Shirley at Night.

Caroline and Shirley, the Sullivan sisters, looked exactly like each other, except Caroline had a long facial scar. But each was hiding a secret about their appearance.

Due to a mistake, Shirley had to force Caroline to be the substitute wife to her husband, Nathan Faraday, the heir to Faraday Group, to retain her position as Mrs. Faraday. Caroline began to lead a double life; as a university student and housekeeper at the Sullivan residence during the day and as Mrs. Shirley Faraday at night.

Nathan fell in love with Shirley but gradually got confused when he found Caroline becoming more and more like Shirley. He eventually uncovered the truth, but at the same time, he also discovered new secrets about Caroline…

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Novel: Secrets Of The Sullivan Sisters
Author: Ada Leonard
Genre: Romance
Publisher: LeReader

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