SSI Payment Schedule 2024, Know the Dates and Supplemental Security Income

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, a program administered by the Social Security Administration in the United States. It provides monthly financial assistance to people with limited income and resources who meet specific eligibility criteria. Here’s SSI payments Dates Schedule 2024 and Supplemental Security Income Amount you are going to receive.

ssi payment schedule 2024

SSI Paymern Schedule 2024 Details mentioned here with Date and Supplemental Security Income you are going to receive. Know the more details below.

Who is eligible?

Individuals aged 65 or older
Adults with disabilities
Blind individuals
Children with disabilities (under 18 years old)

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Limited income and resources: Your income and assets must fall below certain threshold amounts set by the Social Security Administration.
  2. U.S. citizenship or resident status: You must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen residing in the U.S. for a specific period.
  3. Residency requirements: You must live in one of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, or Northern Mariana Islands.

Payment amounts:

  • The maximum federal SSI payment for individuals in 2024 is $943 per month.
  • The maximum federal SSI payment for couples in 2024 is $1,415 per month.
  • Some states supplement the federal SSI payment with additional amounts.
Recipient Unrounded amount for 2024Monthly amount for 2024
Individual $11321.49$943
Couples $16980.36$1415
Essential individual  $5673.73$742

How to apply:

  1. You can apply for SSI online, by phone, or at your local Social Security office.
  2. The application process involves providing documentation to prove your eligibility, such as proof of income, resources, age, disability, or blindness.

SSI Payment Schedule 2024

Here is details of SSI Payment Schedule 2024 where you will get to know when you will get Direct Deposit of your Supplemental Security Income.

Month 2nd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday4th WednesdaySSI Payment Date
January 10 January 202417 January 202424 January 202429 December 2023
February 14 February 202421 February 202428 February 20241 February 2024
March 13 March 202420 March 202427 March 20241 March 2024
April 10 April 202417 April 202424 April 20241 April 2024
May 8 May 202415 May 202422 May 20241 May 2024
June 12 June 202418 June 2024261 June 202431 May 2024
July 10 July 202417 July 202424 July 20241 July 2024
August 14 August 202421 August 202428 August 20241 August 2024
September 11 September 202418 September 202425 September 202430 August 2024
October 9 October 202416 October 202423 October 20241 October 2024
November 13 November 202420 November 202427 November 20241 November 2024
December 11 December 202418 December 202424 December 202429 November 2024

Below mentioned are the Links to SSA Official website where you can find SSI Payment Schedule 2024 Calendar Dates and SSI Payment Amount.

SSI Payment Schedule 2024 –
SSI Payment Amount 2024 –

You can Check Status of Submitted SSI Application online on Official website.

  1. Go To the Website and On Home Page you will Find ‘Check application or appeal status’ Tap on it and Sign IN
  2. There you have an Option fo Track your Application Status.
  3. You can Also Appeal their Decision if you Find a Mistake.
  4. To Appeal, Tap on ‘Appeal a Decision We Made’ Button on Homepage

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