STAGE OTT on Shark Tank India Season 2, Ask, Valuation, Investment

STAGE – OTT for Bharat is World’s first OTT platform in local dialects founded by Vinay Singhal, Praveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav. They are Now on Shark Tank India Season 2 to raise the funds and get the expertise from the sharks by giving some equity in their company.

As Per their Story, The Stage Founders Started with ‘InnerVoice’ as a community for people to share their emotions and have meaningful conversations around them. They Started it as a Side Project at WittyFeed Content Company. Now, InnerVoice has become the largest communities for pets, comedians and story tellers across India. Over Time they built properties such as Unheard and Bhasad to give a platform to new and upcoming artists to showcase their talent. 

They Worked with millions of people and thousands of Artists in their last 3 years journey and understood the business really well. They understood the Power of Stand-up Content and How it can influence people at scale. Today Stage allows the artists to create local stand-up content for the local audience in their local context and dialects, a STAGE that allows the artists to distribute and monetize their content, a STAGE that allows the audience to discover highly curated local stand-up content that connects with them, a STAGE that connects Bharat, with Bharat.

Today, InnerVoice transforms into STAGE – the Indian language content platform (OTT) for artist led entertainment such as poetry, comedy and storytelling etc. Here’s the Pitch from The Stage – OTT Founders on Shark Tank India Season 2. They Shared their Struggle story and which turned emotional for all the sharks.

Stage OTT Founders – Vinay Singhal, Praveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav

Don’t Forget to Watch Stage OTT Haryanvi Platform Pitch on Shark Tank India 2. They Company as an Investors, Ask, Valuation and Investment.

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