Star-Embracing Swordmaster Novel [English] Where to Read?

The Star-Embracing Swordmaster is a Korean fantasy, action, and adventure novel written by Q10. It is the story of Vlad, a young boy who lives in the slums of Shoara. One day, he is struck by a black lightning bolt and is bestowed with the power of a swordmaster. Vlad uses his newfound power to protect the people of the slums, and he eventually meets Alicia, the daughter of a nobleman. Alicia is drawn to Vlad’s kindness and determination, and they become friends and lovers. Here is Where you can Read English Translated Version of this Novel.

Star-Embracing Swordmaster Novel

Meanwhile, a dark force is threatening the world. Vlad, Alicia, and their friends must unite to defeat this evil and bring peace to the world.


Vlad was a vagrant child of the slums who always admired knights. After an incident where he was struck by black lightning, he began hearing a voice. A knight of blue moonlight appeared one day, and Vlad’s back-alley life was turned upside down… Even an obscure star that does not shine in the highest peaks of the night sky is still a star if it wishes to shine.

The novel is set in a world where the stars are very bright. Stars are believed to govern everything in the world, and magic that utilizes the power of stars is highly developed. Vlad, as a swordmaster, can use magic that utilizes the power of stars. Some of his representative magic include “Star Flash,” which shoots out starlight, “Star Strike,” which attacks an opponent with the power of stars, and “Star Shield,” which creates a barrier with the power of stars.

Vlad’s sword, which he obtained after being struck by the black lightning bolt, contains the power of the black lightning bolt. This sword is very powerful and enhances Vlad’s power as a swordmaster. The novel is currently in the process of being serialized, and the first four volumes have been published. The story is expected to continue with new challenges for Vlad and his friends.

Star Embracing Swordmaster Read Online – Here we have mentioned the Fan Translation Version of this Novel. You can Access it from below mentioned links.

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Title : Star Embracing Swordmaster / Swordmaster with stars / 별을 품은 소드마스터
Author : Q10
Status : Novel (Complete), Manhwa (10 Chapters)
Genre : Authentic Fantasy
Original Language – Korean
Fan Translation – English

The novel has been praised for its action-packed scenes, its exciting plot, and its well-developed characters. It has also been compared to other popular fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings and The Witcher. This Novel is Originally available and published in Korean Language. You can also read Fan Translation Version in English.

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