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Story of Kunning Palace is a 2023 Chinese TV Series Starring Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe based on Romance Novel titled Kun Ning by Shi Jing. Story of Kunning Palace Novel started airing on iQIYI on November 7, 2023. This Novel ‘Kun Ning’ is a story of Jiang Xue Ning, a fallen queen who is forced to return to the palace as a tutor to the imperial master, Xie Gui.

Jiang Xue Ning had once been a ruthless and ambitious woman, determined to become empress at all costs. But after her husband, the king, was poisoned and she was held hostage by rebels, she realized the futility of power and wealth. She now longs for a simple life away from the palace, but she is unable to escape her past.

Story of Kunning Palace [Kun Ning] Novel Synopsis

In the previous life, Jiang Xuening was the benchmark of a Mary Su. For the throne of the Empress, she hooked up and messed around with men.

When she was dating the Emperor, the rebel is her spare tire;

When she was dating the student, the teacher is her spare tire;

When she was dating the boss, the subordinate is her spare tire;

When she was dating a woman, a man is her spare tire……?

Every day is a Shura Field! (Hiks)

Anyway, no matter who the Emperor is, she wants to be the Empress!

The men all thought that they had walked into the silly and sweet innocent girl’s heart, but they unexpectedly had walked into the fish pond of the scum girl, and the girl also worked as a part-time King of the Sea.

Then the Palace changed.

She died.

Heaven gave her a chance to start again.

She vowed to earnestly repent and mend her ways.

She absolutely did not expect that, she was just rebirthed at the time she [already] started messing around and it’s too late to change!!!

Jiang Xuening was angry: The crooked Heaven was just playing with a human’s life! Your Great Aunt, me, was born with eight legs! Believe it or not, when my temper comes up [BEEP――]

The Heaven’s heart attack is more severe: What if the ship capsized again?

Jiang Xuening with a cold and indifferent face: Helpless.

All right, it’s all a talk only.

How to break up safely without offending the big guys?

So difficult QAQ

Xie Gui is a brilliant and talented young man, but he is also arrogant and cold. He initially despises Jiang Xue Ning for her past, but he gradually comes to admire her intelligence and strength. As they work together to uncover the truth behind the king’s poisoning and thwart a plot to overthrow the dynasty, Jiang Xue Ning and Xie Gui fall in love.

The novel is set against the backdrop of a turbulent political landscape, and it explores themes of power, ambition, love, and redemption. Jiang Xue Ning’s journey from fallen queen to humble tutor to redeemed lover is a compelling one, and her relationship with Xie Gui is both passionate and tender.

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You can read whole Novel in English on scribblehub website mentioned below.

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TV Series Name – Story of Kunning Palace (2023)
Novel Name – Kun Ning
Novel Written by – Shi Jing

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