Stuck with a Stubborn Wife Novel by Job Mocellin | A Filipino Romance!

Stuck with a Stubborn Wife by Job Mocellin is a Filipino romance novel with quite a complex story. The novel balances lighthearted humor with emotional depth. While there are comedic moments arising from the clash of personalities, it also delves into serious themes like trust, betrayal, and self-discovery. Here is where you can read complete novel online.

stuck with a stubborn wife novel

Helena Wright, the protagonist, finds herself unexpectedly married to CEO Kellan Pearson after a series of misunderstandings. Their marriage starts off tumultuous due to their drastically different personalities and priorities. Helena, known for her strong opinions and unwavering principles, clashes with Kellan, who prefers control and efficiency.


Have you ever Wondered what it feels like to marry someone who you have never met before? Helena Wright was devasted when her CEO husband sent her divorce papers and insisted that she signed them. To him, she was just a gold-digger who wouldn’t say no to money.

Much to his astonishment, Helena refused stubbornly, “To hell with your money! After all that I have been through, you want to divorce me? Jokes on you! I won’t divorce you even if you give me your whole fortune. You are in this for life!”

The story follows their journey as they navigate their unexpected marriage, learning to understand and respect each other’s differences. There are challenges, secrets, and unexpected twists along the way, keeping the reader engaged.

Where to Read?

Stuck with a Stubborn Wife Novel by Job Mocellin is available to read online on official Moboreader App or website. Here is the Link to Complete Novel. The First 14 Chapters are Totally Free to Read on Mobile App. So, Download Moboreader Mobile Application for Android or iOS and Start reading it.

Stuck with a Stubborn Wife Novel – Read Online

“Stuck with a Stubborn Wife” is a captivating romance novel offering a refreshing take on the “arranged marriage” trope. It explores the complexities of relationships, celebrates individuality, and ultimately promotes the power of love and understanding.

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