Temptation Island India EP 23: Gargee Cried seeing Ronak with another Girl

In the Last Episode we have seen Nishank Swami breaks down seeing his Partner Chetna Pande coming close to Akshay Bindra. Temptation Island is an Ultimate Test for Couples if they are loyal to their relationship or not. The way couple contestants are showing their Unseen Sides in each Bonefire night is really shocking for audiences. Here is Temptation Island India Episode 23 highlight when Girls are seeing Unseen Side of their Partner boys.

gargee nandy ronak temptation island india

Tempters in a Villa are here to Find their Love and their bonding with partner of excisting couple creating many trouble in real life relationship. This time on Ep 23 you will see shocking side of Boys. This Time Chetna Pande gets hurt by seeing his partner Nishank find interest in Navisha Raj Kashyap. He said, “I feel agar mein single hota to Navisha ko Apni GF Banata”. Also, Nidhi Kumar shocked seeing his Partner Mohak Malhotra liking Urvi Shetty.

Also, Wild Card Entrant Gargee Nandy shocked Seeing his Partner Ronak Gupta with another girl in a villa. Gargee cried and said, “Ye Woh hai hi Nahi jise mein pyaar karti hun, Ronak dedo mereko, Nikalna hai yahan se. Agar yahi nahi raha mere saath to kuch nahi bachega”.

So, Each Bonfire Night brining unseen sides of Couples and Singles in a Villa. This show is testing Realtionship of Contestants who Participated as Couple. If they are Loyal to Each Other. If Love Wins or Temptation. Don’t forget to watch Temptation Island India Episode 23 on 25 November 2023 8 PM on JioCinema. This show is Streaming Free on JioCinema App everyday.

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