The Billionaire’s Baby Novel by Kimi L Davis, Where to Read?

The Billionaire’s Baby Novel is written by Author Kimi L Davis. A waitress struggling to take care of her sick brother is made an offer she can’t refuse. If she marries a rich and domineering CEO and gives him an heir within a year, he will pay her one million dollars and help her brother get the surgery he needs. Will life in the castle be pure torture, or can she find happiness? Maybe even love?

The Billionaire's Baby Novel

Her fingernail tapped impatiently against the worn table, its rhythm echoing the hammering in my chest. “Here,” she hissed, shoving a newspaper across the linoleum. “Read it for yourself.”

Before I could stammer a question, the woman’s red pen had circled an advertisement, stark against the newsprint. It screamed at me in bold: Bride Wanted. My heart skipped a beat as I devoured the text, disbelief blooming in my stomach. I reread it, each word more surreal than the last.

Gideon Maslow. The name held the weight of empires. Billionaire entrepreneur, his face plastered across every financial magazine, his business tentacles reaching around the globe. A man practically crowned in wealth and power, voted “UK’s Sexiest Man Alive” for a decade running.

And he wanted a wife.

Not just any wife, mind you. This wife would be a vessel, expected to provide an heir for his vast kingdom within a year. A year. Then, poof, the marriage over, the baby surrendered, a hefty sum of cash the only consolation prize.

What kind of woman would agree to such a dehumanizing proposition?

A desperate one, my reflection whispered back.

My breath hitched. Could I be that woman? Could I swallow my pride, become a stranger’s wife for a year, a mere incubator for his legacy? The answer, terrifying and exhilarating, settled in my gut: yes.

The Billionaire’s Baby Novel

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