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Welcome to The Geometry Dash Awards 2023. These are the nominees for The Geometry Dash Awards 2023. There are 16 categories that focus on levels, content, or users. Each have a number of nominations that are based on community suggestions collected in May and December 2023.

the geometry dash awards 2023 vote

Now, Public Voting will decide the final winner in the respective categories. Before voting, you can watch the video below to get a quick overview of the different nominees. We also recommend playing our list of nominated levels, which is found under “Top Lists” in-game or by searching this list ID: 155613.

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Here is the List of The Geometry Dash Awards 2023 Categories Listed below. You can Vote and Support your favorite by Voting on a link mentioned below. Pick Your favorite from the Nominations in below mentioned categories. The Highest Voted will be titled as the Winner of The Geometry Dash Awards 2023.

Best Auto Level
Best Easy Level
Best Normal Level
Best Hard Level
Best Harder Level
Best Insane Level
Best Easy Demon
Best Medium Demon
Best Hard Demon
Best Insane Demon
Best Extreme Demon
Best Streamer
Best YouTuber
Best Video
Best Creator
Best Player

The Geometry Dash Awards 2023 VOTE –

In these categories, rated levels from 2023 compete against each other. Levels are divided into different categories based on their in-game difficulty, ranging from Auto to Extreme Demon. Note that levels released after December 20, 2023, so after update 2.2’s release, are not eligible for the 2023 Awards. They are eligible for the 2024 Awards.

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