The Redemption of Earl Nottingham Manhwa Novel, Where to Read?

The Redemption of Earl Nottingham is An adaptation of Korean novel published by Ridibooks. The Fantasy, Romance based Novel is Published on Manta. The Plot, Characters, The Backstory of this Manhwa is quite good. Not to mention its an Actual Historical Romance set in England and not a Fantasy one. The Story is still entirely Fictional. Its just that the Whole story setting is a lot closer to reality.

The Redemption of Earl Nottingham Novel

It had a WW1-era setting rather than the typical lords and ladies setting. Author make use of different time periods for their historical/rofan stories and it has lot more to explore when it comes to historical settings. The Story Plot is quite refreshing and people enjoyed reading it and recommended to other.


Is my cursed husband’s fate up to me?
Madelyn’s husband Ian was left broken after the war, and in turn, made her life a living hell. Fleeing her doomed marriage, she meets a tragic end. But when she opens her eyes, she finds herself at 17 again. The war has yet to start, and Madelyn can still change her fate. But what about Ian?

You can Read this Complete Manhwa Novel on Manta Website or App link mentioned below. First 4 Chapters are Totally Free to Read on Official Platform. You can Join Manta Unlimited to Continue reading.

The Redemption of Earl Nottingham –

The Redemption of Earl Nottingham/Salvation Equation (구원 방정식)
Genre/Tag: Fantasy, Romance, Reincarnation, Coming of age (Manta)
Production – Manta Comics
Original Story – boem1800
Localization – Manta Comics

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