The Taste of Revenge Book [PDF] Download by Veronica Lancet

The Taste of Revenge Book by Veronica Lancet is becoming hugely popular on Internet because of its Gripping Dark Story and Twists. The First Part War of Sins Book 1 is thrilling and Spicy Romance that deals with a Lot of Sensitive issues. The Taste of Revenge is very Well Written tale with a Cliffhanger Ending. Here is The Taste of Revenge Book PDF Download.

This Dark and Intriguing Storyline of the Book Author Veronica knows how to Play on your Feelings. It is the First Book in the Series ‘War of Sins’. It Follows the Story of Rafaelo Guerra who is out for a Big Revenge against his brother Michele because he stole everything from Rafaelo including his love Lucero. Rafaelo partners with a dangerous crime lord to get revenge, but he never expected to see Noelle DeVille again. Noelle is Michele’s little sister, and she is the only person in the world who can make Rafaelo feel anything.

The Taste of Revenge Book PDF Download

Here is the Direct Link of the Book PDF you can Download and Read it from your Mobile or Computer Devices. The Taster of Revenge Book PDF Download and Install PDF Reader Like Adobe Reader if not installed in your device. Now, You are Good to go.

Here we have Collected Some Reviews of the Book:

Saundra Wright
This is a thrilling somewhat spicy romance that deals with a lot of sensitive issues, from human trafficking to torture and more. Heed the trigger warnings, but otherwise, enjoy a well written tale with a cliffhanger ending.

I love veronica’s books her heros stay with me long long after I have finished reading their story and that is what quality writing is really about .. to be able to captivate you and keep your heart long after you have read the last sentence of the book … can not wait for for the next book 💕

This book definitely knows how to play on your feelings.
We have a girl – Noelle – with very dark and traumatic past, but even freed from her cage she is an adult without rights. Cause her family decided not to believe her, she is simply making stories up for attention. Everything might have changed the moment she met Raf, but he is dealing with his past (which is the second side of Noelle’s). And unfortunately for her he decided to punish her, and our story begins.
Cliffhanger at the end? So sudden and i need next book right now. I need to know how Noelle’s story continues.

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In Short, If you are looking for a Dark, Thrilling and Twisted Romance,’The Taste of Revenge Book’ is for you.

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