The War King Rejected Bride Novel by Queenies, Where to Read?

The War King Rejected Bride Fantasy Novel is written by Author Queenies. Imagine Princess Letitia, cast aside by the War King, not succumbing to despair. Instead, she draws strength from her inner kindness and intelligence. Perhaps she becomes a skilled healer, earning the respect of the kingdom despite her ostracized status. She could even uncover a hidden talent for diplomacy, navigating treacherous political landscapes and forging unexpected alliances.

What if Dharium, the feared War King, harbors a secret reason for rejecting Letitia? Maybe he’s bound by an ancient prophecy or carries a heavy burden from his past, leading him to believe he’s unworthy of love. As Letitia uncovers his vulnerabilities, a fragile understanding could blossom, forcing them to confront their destinies together.


“Don’t think for a second that I would ever love you.” His voice was raspy, and his breath was hot as it fanned my neck. ” Dharium…” I whispered, fighting back the tears as his grip on my neck tightened. His laugh boomed in the dark room, sounding more menacing than ever, and I inwardly shivered. ◇◇◇ He was ruthless. She had the kindest of hearts. He was brutal, She was warm. He was filled with darkness. She was his only light. Princess Letitia Ventura was nothing compared to her sister Caitrona. She had neither beauty nor grace, each qualities her sister possessed, hence her parents’ lack of attention and care for her. So when a marriage alliance was made between their kingdom and that of Nytia, the most ruthless kingdom ever, Feared for its power and brutality, Letitia couldn’t help but feel a little bit alarmed, even though the king had specifically asked for her sister. But things didn’t go as planned when Letitia found herself in front of her people, set to wed the king of Nytia.

The rejection could be a mere spark igniting a larger conflict. Political factions within Dharium’s kingdom could exploit the tension, while neighboring powers see an opportunity to strike. Letitia and Dharium, despite their personal struggles, might find themselves drawn together to defend their land, forging a powerful bond in the face of adversity.

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The beauty of “The War King Rejected Bride” lies in its potential for countless twists and turns. So, embark on this captivating journey with an open mind and a curious heart. Let “The War King Rejected Bride” weave its magic

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