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The White Masai Book is an autobiographical novel written by Corinne Hofmann about the years she spent in Kenya. The Novel tells the Story of Corinne’s Trip from her Switzerland to Kenya, as a tourist in the company of her fiance Marco. During a Trip she felt in love with a Maasai warrior, Lketinga. Here is The White Masai Book PDF Download Free.


The White Masai Book Tells the Interesting Story of a Girl’s Trip to Kenya from Switzerland as a tourist with her Fiance Marco. The White Masai Novel tells the Adventure and Love Story of a Swiss Woman ‘Corinne Hofmann’ who embarks on life changing journey to Kenya. During her Vacation in Kenya she fall in love with ‘Lketinga’ – a Samburu warrior. She Later decided to Spend her remaining life with Lketinga.

Before her Vacation coming to end, She decided to go back to Switzerland and Sell her dressmaking business and get back to Kenya to live with her new found love Lketinga. She didn’t tell her plan to her Fiance or new love Lketinga. She breaks up with Marco and returned back to Kenya. Corinne and Lketinga got married and moves to his village in Kenya.

Later Corinne found the life of Masai village very difficult with lack of privacy and traditional customs of Masai, everything was different and difficult for her. How, Despite so many difficulties Lketinga and Corinne sets up their Business and made it successful and also they had a daughter together. After Spending so many years together, Corinne found Lketinga is often jealous and possessive.

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Now, After 4 years Corinne decided to return to Switzerland. She is Pregnant with her second child and not happy living in the Masai Village. She left Lketinga and returned to Switzerland.

The White Masai is a Controversial Book as many people criticized Corinne for abandoning her husband and daughter while some people praised her for her courage and determination. The White Masai was published in German in 1998 and Translated into English in 2005. This Book is Translated into 30 different languages and sold over 10 Million Copies Worldwide. Hope you Found this Information on The White Masai Book PDF helpful, if you have any question, do let us know.

Where to Download PDF of The White Masai Novel?
There Isn’t any PDF File available to Download or Read, You can Purchase Book from Amazon or Watch Movie inspired from the same story.

What is the Price of The White Masai Novel on Amazon?
The White Masai Novel is available on Amazon at $101.65 for Hardcover and $12.74 for Paperback

Is there a Film Based on The White Masai Novel?
Yes, The Film Adaption of The White Masai Novel released in a year 2005 directed by Hermine Huntgeburth and starring Nina Hoss and Jacky Ido.

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