Trapping Quincy by Nicole Riddley, Where to Read?

Trapping Quincy by Nicole Riddley is a Romance Fantasy Novel written by Author Nicole Riddley. It’s a Story of a Quincy who runs away with the aim of living a Normal Life with Humans but story turns interesting when she meets Prince Caspian who is not a human and not even a wolf.

Trapping Quincy by Nicole Riddley

Quincy is a human living among a pack of werewolves who hate her. Even her own mother sees her as a drunken mistake. She runs away with the aim of living a normal life amongst humans, but then she meets Prince Caspian. He’s not human; he’s not a wolf… What is he? The only thing she knows for sure is that he’s the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen—and he seems to be equally mesmerized by her! But they come from very different worlds…

Trapping Quincy Novel by Nicole Riddley is available to read online on Galatea Platform for Android and iOS. We have mentioned you the direct link to Trapping Quincy Novel Chapter 1 where you can start reading online.

Trapping Quincy by Nicole Riddley –

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