UDID Card Download PDF | Here’s How To get your Unique Disability ID Card

UDID Card is a Unique Disability ID Card issued to Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) by Government of India. This Card is Proof of disability and can be used to get benefits of Government Schemes. Its also used to create National Database of PWDs. Here is How To Download UDID Card PDF.

udid card
udid card

Government creates the Databases of Persons with Disabilities and keeping tracks of Progress of PWDs and ensures they are receiving their required benefits. UDID card can be Applied Online or at Designated Hospital. The Application Process required to provide User’s Personal Information including their Disability Certificate. UDID Card to be Issued to Applicant, once the Application is Approved.

UDID Card PDF Download | How To

To Download UDID Card PDF, Follow the Simple mentioned steps below.

  1. Go to the Official UDID Card website: https://www.swavlambancard.gov.in/.
  2. Click on Login Button
  3. Enter your UDID Number and Password and Hit ‘Login’ Button
  4. After Login, Click on ‘My Profile’ Tab
  5. Under Documents Section, You will find your UDID Card PDF File
  6. Click on Download Button to get PDF to your Computer or Mobil

Note – You can Download UDID Card PDF Only If you have applied for the Card and Your Application is Approved.

Benefits of UDID Card

There are Several Important benefits for Persons with Disabilities who wants to Download UDID Card.

  • It’s a Proof of Disability, can be used to avail Government Schemes and Benefits
  • It helps to get Needed supports like, Access to Education, Jobs and Health Care.
  • It helps to Keep Track of your Progress by getting needed benefits.

So, If you are a Person with disabilities, UDID card is much needed tool that helps you to live a better life. Hope you found this UDID Card Download PDF guide helpful.

How To Get a New UDID Card, If I Lost One?
You can Request a New UDID Card, if you Lost one. To Do So, Login to UDID Card Website and Click on ‘Lost UDID Card Tab’

How to Download PDF by Contacting Helpline Number?
You can get Help Downloading PDF of your UDID card by Contacting Official Helpline Number at 011-24365019.

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