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The story of Vinayaka Chavati tells about the birth of Vinayaka, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Once, Goddess Parvati once made a clay figure and breathed life into it. The doll turned into Ganesha. Ganesha grew up to be a wonderful baby. He is very intelligent and strong. Here is vinayaka vratha katha PDF in Telugu and English language. Also have a look at Chavithi Vratha Kalpam and Vratha Vidhanam PDF Download available to you.

One day, Shiva moved to perform a yajna. He asked Lord Ganesha to guard his entrance. At this point, Indra, the king of the gods, decided to disrupt Shiva’s yajna. He went to the yajnasthana with his elephant vehicle Gajendra and blocked the entrance.

Ganesha did not allow Indra to enter. Indra angrily fought with Ganesha. In the end, Ganesha defeats Indra. Lord Shiva returned after the Yajna was over. He surprised Ganesha with his powers. He accepted Ganesha as his son. Here is Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha PDF Download Telugu 2023. Also vinayaka chavithi katha in english pdf available to download.

Vinayaka Chavithi is a festival celebrated to commemorate this wonderful event. Today, people erect idols of Ganesha and worship them. They read and enjoy the story of Ganesha. Vinayaka Chavithi is an important Hindu festival. It is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and wealth.

Vrata Kalpam | వ్రత కల్పం

Before starting Vinayaka Chavithi Vrat, devotees have to follow certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. Devotees should be clean.
  2. They should not eat meat, alcohol and other evil substances.
  3. They should not have any pride or anger.
  4. They should bathe before worshiping Ganesha.
  5. They should wear clean clothes.
  6. They should install an idol of Ganesha.
  7. They should worship Ganesha.
  8. They should read the story of Ganesha.
  9. They should pray to Ganesha.

Vrata procedure | వ్రత విధానం

The procedure of Vinayaka Chaviti Vratam is as follows:

  1. Initiation: Devotees should perform Begam in the morning, take bath and wear clean clothes. They should install an idol of Ganesha.
  2. Pooja: Devotees should worship Lord Ganesha. They bathe Lord Ganesha, decorate him with incense, lamps, flowers and other pooja paraphernalia. They should offer offerings to Lord Ganesha.
  3. Story: Devotees should read the story of Ganesha.
  4. Prayer: Devotees should pray to Lord Ganesha. They should ask Lord Ganesha for their wishes.
  5. Conclusion: At the end of the Vrat, devotees should excrete the idol of Ganesha.

Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Vidhanam and Katha Telugu – PDF

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Vinayaka Vrathakalpam in English – PDF

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Vinayaka Chavithi Katha in Telugu – PDF

You can recite this vinayaka vratha katha in telugu, english version pdf file and get blessings from lord ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 festival.

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