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Bakht is a Social Romantic Novel by Pakistani Author named Mehrulnisa Shahmeer. Bakht is a Complex and Well Written Book that explores Theme of Love, Loss, Revenge and Redemption. The Novel has received lots of love for its Strong Female Protagonist, its suspenseful plot and realistic portrayal of Pakistani society.

Here’s the Summary of Bakht Novel by Mehrunisa:

Bakht Novel tells the Story of a Young Woman named Bakht, who is forced to marry a wealthy man named Asfandyar. Bakht was initially not happy with her marriage but later she finds love in Asfandyar. Her happiness was short lived when Asfandyar is murdered. Later, she fights for justice of her husband’s death. Bakht Novel is all about Love, Loss, Revenge and Redemption. It shows the Power of the Human Spirit, Strength and Courage.

The Novel Bakht by Mehrunisa has received lots of love and also been criticized for its violence and its graphic depiction of Rape. But, Bakht is a well written and very engaging Novel. Its a Story that Stays with you for a long. The Suspenseful Plot, Strong Female Protagonist and Realistic Portrayal of Pakistani Society makes it very Successful and Popular Novel.

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