Belong to The Lycan Alpha Novel Lilac and Aiden, Where to Read?

Belong to The Lycan Alpha Lilac and Aiden Story is a very Interesting Novel Written by Jikanyotomare. It’s very Exciting read novel with several Twists and Turns in a Story. Here You will get to know Where to Read ‘Belong to The Lycan Alpha’ Lilac Aiden Story Complete Novel Online.

belong to the lycan alpha novel

Aiden brought a woman who was three months pregnant with him after he had been away for a year because of the war between the werewolf and the lycan and because of that, he had to reject his destined mate, Lilac. At the same time, as part of the peace treaty, the lycan alpha came to their pack, to attend a party. It was then when Lilac met Hunter for the first time. The rude, boorish and vulgar alpha.

But, what shocked her the most was the fact that Hunter asked for Lilac to be his mate as a symbol of peace between the two packs. It was not only Lilac, who was shocked with the request, but Aiden as well, since he had never thought his rejected mate would be away from the pack. He adamant to refuse that, but then, he was still not an alpha yet, since his father was still the leader of the pack.

Belong to the Lycan Alpha Novel – Novellair, Literie

Title: Belong to the Lycan Alpha
Author: Jikanyotomare
Publisher: Novellair, Literie
Genre: Werewolf

So, Werewolf Novel Titled ‘Belong To The Lycan Alpha’ is available to read on Publisher Platforms like Novellair and Literie.

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