Love Sequence by Daphne Leigh, Where to Read Novel?

At 26, Charlie thought she would be happily married and pregnant. Instead, she’s divorced and living in her parent’s pool house with no job, no prospects, and no best friend. When she’s offered a short-term assignment in Scotland, she jumps at the chance. Suddenly her spring slump turns into the summer of Scots. Will Charlie have the courage to risk everything for true love? Isla’s story (season 2) starts at episode 118.

love sequence by daphne leigh

Love Sequence follows the story of Charlotte, known as Charlie throughout. She embarks on an adventure across the world after a devastating divorce. On a mission to build and research a family tree, Charlie finds herself finding love or two, or three…where and when she least expects it.

People Enjoyed reading Charlie and her Men Story. To See a Shy and Innocent come in to her own is amazing. To See Someone gain her independence and find herself is exciting read. Its such a good story that you’ll love to keep reading Next Episode.

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So, Stop What you are doing and Start reading this Novel its highly engaging story which you can relate. If you reading Love Sequence by Daphne Leigh currently, do let us know at Which Episode you are Currently and Please Share your Experience reading it.

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