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Burned Dreams: A Forbidden Mafia Bodyguard Romance is the Book 7 of Perfectly Imperfect series, released on 27th July 2023 and it has received so much love and popularity. Burned Dreams Book is available to read online on Kindle. Here i How to Download PDF or Read it online with Free App.

Burned Dreams Novel by Neva Altaj features Open Door Steamy Scenes, No Cheating and Guaranteed HEA. This 7th Book of Imperfect Mafia Series features New Couple. Here we have Summary of the Book and Review from readers, how they find after reading it.

The story follow Alessandro “Az” and Ravenna. She falls in the scheme’s of a Capo, and has to marry him. What she could’ve never expect was that she was meeting her death sentence. Alessandro has one thought, making him pay for the pain he has endured and that means making Ravenna pay.


Eight long years, I have been waiting,
Patiently plotting my revenge.
Now, I’ve found him,
And I’m going to make him pay.

He hired me to guard his wife,
Ensure her safety.
And I’m going to kill the same woman I vowed to protect.

He’ll suffer like I did,
And when I’m done with him, he’ll be begging for mercy,
Mercy, I won’t give.


He stares at me with hatred in his dark gaze,
His eyes as black as an abyss,
Following my every move.

Those eyes see everything;
I can’t escape that silent stare,
Or hide the bruises that cover my body,
Every mark proof of burned dreams.

I also can’t deny the craving I have for a man,
Who will never be mine.

Burned Dreams by Neva Altaj Author ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Oh my god, he is the one who burns anything and leaves no trace. Alessandro’s story is surprisingly dangerously hot, suspenseful, and sexy. I’ve got goosebumps all over just from the thought of Alessandro and Ravenna’s carnal scene.
We’re now in book 7 yet I am craving for more! You still give me the best adventure
reading your masterpiece Neva!

solid work
A very good book which kept me entertained for hours. I have read all of her work and this is up there. It’s not the BEST book but a solid top three

Such a wild ride! Loved it!
This story is wild. Much more convoluted and deeper than the previous books of Neva Altaj, in my opinion. Getting Az’s story was amazing but also so heartbreaking. We’ve subverted about how past for awhile and now it is finally here. I’m so glad I got the chance to read this novel and I’m excited to get the paperback to add to my collection when it’s released!

Burned Dreams Neva Altaj PDFRead Online

Kylie Taylor
I received a copy of this arc in exchange for my honest review . I am never let down with this series . Every book just gets better and better ! Alessandro and Ravenna’s story was all consuming from the first chapter. Absolutely a BingeWorthy one day read!
Their story pulled me in and kept me on the edge of my seat until 1am.
Alessandro with a haunted past and Raverna living in an abusive prison of a marriage, find love unexpectedly. The secrets between these two could mean getting k!ll3d.
The chemistry and love between them is explosive and addicting .
I couldn’t put this book down, I can’t wait for the next book.
Absolute 5 ⭐️.

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There Isn’t any PDF available to Download, you can read it online from official.

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There isn’t any Paperback Edition as of now, You can get Kindle Edition online on Amazon website.

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