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Ryuu Kusari no Ori (龍鎖のオリ, Dragon Chain Ori) is a fantasy novel written by Cadet-Sensei. It has a manga and light novel adaptation of the same name. The Story of ‘Ryuu Kusari no Ori’ is about a Young Girl who born with Special Ability to see the Heart of People and Objects. Ryuu Kusari no Ori PDF Download Light Version, Manga Version to read it from anywhere in your Smartphones or PC. The Novel has Huge Demand and love in Spanish as well.

The story follows Ori, a young girl who is born with a special ability to see the “heart” of people and objects. This ability allows her to see the true intentions of others, even if they are trying to hide them. One day, Ori is attacked by a group of bandits who are trying to steal her ability. She is saved by a mysterious man named Kaito, who offers to train her in the use of her powers.

Ori and Kaito set out on a journey to find the source of Ori’s power and to protect it from those who would use it for evil. Along the way, they encounter a variety of challenges, including monsters, bandits, and even other people with special abilities.

Ryuu Kusari no Ori Novel is full of Action, Adventure and Mystery explored friendship, loyalty and self discovery. Here below you will get to know when Novel Original, Light and Manga Version published.

The original novel was published in Japan in 2014.
The manga adaptation was published in 2015.
The light novel adaptation was published in 2017.
The novel has not been translated into English yet.

Ryuu Kusari no Ori manga Spanish Version is also available named ‘Ryuu Kusari no Ori: El Alma del Dragón (The Dragon’s Soul)’ translated by Spanish scanlation group Taikutsu 456 and they have translated it upto Volume 14 so far. The Manga Version is quite Popular in Spain.

Ryuu Kusari no Ori Light Novel PDF – Volume 1 to Volume 4

Ryuu Kusari no Ori Light Novel PDF – Volume 5 to Volume 8

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