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Fake Dates and Ice Skates Book is a Romance Novel by author Janisha Boswell. It is The North University Series Book 1 available to Buy from Paperback Edition and Kindle Edition on Amazon. Here is everything about Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book PDF Download Free, Author Janisha Boswell and How to Order it online.

Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book is about a figure skater ‘Wren Hackerly’ who is struggling to make ends meet. She is offered to have fake date with a Popular Hockey player ‘Miles Davis’ in order to improve her image and get a Sponsorship. Initially, Wren Hackerly didn’t want to do that, but at the end he agreed to arrangement.

When they met and Spend time together, they started developing real feelings for each other. The relationship of Wren and Miles were complicated as both of them are from two different worlds. Wren is a rule follower while Miles is a rule breaker and they both have different goals in their lives. Wrean wants to be a Professional figure skater and Miles wants to play in the NHL. You will Find Fake Dats and ICE Skates Book a very intriguing read, once you begin reading it.

Janisha Boswell is a Young Self Established author admits the Book contains Spelling and Grammatical mistakes. So please bear it. Janisha is a 18 year old Author who loves to write about Romance and Sickly Sweet Stories. Fake Dates & Ice Skates: (The North University Series Book 1) is Janisha’s First Book and her effort and True passion paid as book is loved by massive people.

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Fake Dates and Ice Skates PDF – Read it Free Online on Kindle – This Book has 50 Chapters. If you find it interesting, you can order Paperback Edition at affordable rates online.

Publication date: February 28, 2022
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Length: 300 pages
Target audience: Fans of the fake dating trope, college romances, and heartwarming stories.
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fake dates and ice skates pdf download is not available for you and if you wants to read this great novel, order online from amazon at price of $17.32 for Paperback Edition and $6.42 for Kindle edition. You will enjoy reading it online from the link mentioned above. Let us know how you find fake dates and ice skates book by Janisha Boswell.

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